Interweave Editors’ Picks

The editors at Interweave have been talking a lot about our favorite things lately. I’ve posted some of them on Facebook, but I thought I’d put them all together here, so you see what we love and why. It’s a really fun group of stuff!


Amy Palmer with New American Knits

“I love Amy Christoffer’s New American Knits—so much so that I immediately knit the cover sweater! Amy has been one of my favorite designers for years, so I am completely and totally biased, but there’s a reason—her patterns are incredibly wearable for everyone, and her attention to detail is astounding. Her designer style shines through everything she does. So now I’m stuck trying to figure out which project from this book will be next!” —Amy Palmer, Editor, Knitscene 


Dorian loves Free-Spirit Shawls. “Git yer paws off my book and go git yer own copy!”

Online product developer Tania Dworjan picked Free Spirit Shawls because when the book first came out, she came down with an epic case of “Knit-All-The-Things.” She wears shawls all the time and could see each of them fitting into different places and outfits in her life. So far, she’s knit two of the shawls in the book, but she’s got three more on the needles … somewhere. Anyone know how to come down with a case of Finish-itis?

Tania’s cat, Dorian, also apparently wants to knit all the things.


Daisy and I love Wanderlust by Tanis Gray

Wanderlust is a book I’ve admired since it came out. The collection of boho styles is so appealing for my casual style. Tanis has collected a beautiful group of wearable designs that run the gamut from mittens to sweaters, cowls to hats, and easy to advanced knits.


The Karis Hat

I’m really drawn to the Karis Hat, at right, by Melissa LeBarre; I’ve never seen anything like it. The circular designs surround centers of garter-stitch. It’s very mid-century modern, and I always love a unisex design. I can see some Christmas knitting in the near future!

I had to include Daisy, my Cavalier-cocker mix, in the photo. I talk
about her all the time, so I thought it would be fun for you to see her.

Isn’t she cute?


Our assistant magazine editors strike a pose with their favorite books.

Louisa Demmit, assistant editor of Knitscene, recommends Martin Storey’s Scottish Knits: Colorwork and Cables with a Twist. “It’s a beautiful and modern take on traditional Scottish motifs and techniques. The photography also gets me in an Outlander state of mind, which is always a good thing!”

Hannah Baker, assistant editor of Interweave Knits, picked Knitting Architecture. “I love this book not only for the beautiful projects, but also for the explanations and photography of the specific architecture that inspired each project.” I really like this book, too. Double recommendation!

Rachel Koon, assistant editor of Interweave Crochet, chose The Best of Interweave Crochet. “For beginning crocheters such as myself some patterns can be intimidating. What I love about thgis book is that it includes some challenging patterns, but also detailed instructions, diagrams galore, and a number of Beyond the Basics sections that explain various techniques. It’s great to read about how to do, say, post stitches, then immediately find a pattern that lets me try them out. And I can’t wait to make the Northern Dreams Pullover by Julie Vaconsin—it’s been on my list for months!”


Should Kerry work on her hat from Weekend Hats, or edit a new knitting book? I know what I’d do!

Acquisitions Editor Kerry Bogert loves Weekend Hats. Check out her Pebble Beanie, in progress, above. “Weekend Hats has so many great projects, I wish I had three heads to wear more of them at once. Can’t wait to share Weekend Wraps with y’all in 2016!!” I can’t wait, either!


My sweet Poppy

I love my co-workers. I asked them to recommend books for me and include a photo, and they really stepped up to the plate, both with their choices, and with their cute photos. Thanks, gals!

I leave you with one last dog photo, this time it’s Poppy, my ten-year-old rescue cocker. She’s the sweetest. I accidentally dropped Warm Days, Cool Knits on her bed, which is right below my bookshelf, and she looked at it, got in her bed and promptly fell asleep. She’s a bit skittish, so this is actually high praise from Poppy! Plus, I get to recommend another book!

All of these knitting books are on sale through July 10, in our giant Tent Sale; some for up to 80% off! Check out the savings in the Knitting Daily store, and happy knitting!



P.S. What’s your favorite Interweave book? Leave a comment below and share it with us!

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