Collectible Enamel Pins for All My Fiber Friends!

Who doesn’t love a collectible enamel pin? No, I mean it. WHO DOESN’T? When these cute little jobs landed at Interweave HQ a few weeks ago, the reaction was that of delight and fondness from several members of the staff. A lot of it had to do with “I used to collect enamel pins for [activity] when I was [anywhere from seven to eleven-years-old]!” And to watch an adult in a cubicle environment wax nostalgic about anything is something to behold. Amiright?

But the thing about an enamel pin is that you do not have to be a child to absolutely love the idea of having one. And then having more than one. And then suddenly having several and not knowing how to stop. And that is okay. We at Interweave are here to not only suggest you develop a habit, but to fully encourage that you take on the collectible enamel pin game with gusto.

Why wouldn’t you? These pins are adorable.

Knit & Crochet

Our knit and crochet pins were shot on projects from our magazines. On the left is a project from the upcoming Interweave Knits Summer, releasing May 3, 2018. Yep, that project is still a bit of a secret. But if you love the chunky stitches on the right, make and wear the Hi-Fi Hat by Vickie Howell from Crochetscene 2017.


Sorry, I didn’t mean to bury the lead. We know this lady is going to find her way onto many craft project bags, whether you’re a fiber lover or not. Did I say lady instead of alpaca? Yes! This cutie’s name is Faith Hill, and she was featured on the cover of Spin Off Winter 2017. Do you see the resemblance? Shot on a background of color-and-weave, she represents the origin of fiber for all of our crafty passions.

Spinning & Needlework

The collectible enamel pin for the spinning community is like being a part of secret club, isn’t? You notice a stranger wearing the same pin and what do you think?

If they use a drop spindle, they’re probably okay.

As for needlework, it’s another exclusive group of crafters. Imagine encountering another and luring them in with your pin, only so they can gaze upon your stitch prowess. A perfect example is the backdrop for our needlework enamel pin on the above right – get the full picture of Evelyn A. Clark’s Knit and Old Shale Shawl in the pages of Piecework January/February 2005. I dare you to give it a go.

Wear your passion on your lapel – or on your sleeve, if you like. Or on a project bag. Or on your dog’s collar. Or pinned to a hat, a jacket, a commuter bag. Where does it end?

It doesn’t have to.

Welcome to your new addiction,


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