Intergalactic Crafting

Hilary Smith Callis is our feature designer in Knitscene Summer 2013, and we love the combination of fantastic knitted sweater patterns and her out-of-this-world day job with NASA. Click the photos for more info about each pattern.

We have 18 other stellar knitting patterns in Knitscene Summer, but sometimes a knitter likes to take a break from yarn—a harsh but very real truth. If you're looking for some more astronomy-inspired projects, here's some projects adorning my short list of crafts-to-do (when I get around to putting down the yarn, that is).


I absolutely love this DIY galaxy dress from Stacie at Stars for Streetlights.

Julep has a tutorial for star-spangled nails that I really want to do but I have trouble not knitting long enough to allow nail polish to thoroughly dry. It's a real problem.

Not a DIY project, but thanks to this tip from Nylon magazine, you can match your footwear to your celestial sartorial choices with galaxy-print Converse sneakers. Allow me to answer the unasked question: No, you can never have too many pairs of Converse.

Or you could, in fact, make your own cosmic kicks.

There are slew of galaxy-inspired projects on the web. I haven't found any others that directly involve yarn, but if someone has knit a solar system, please please please provide a link—that's a must-see for sure!

Happy knitting,

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