Instant Gratification

I absolutely love a project that you can cast-on on Friday night and cast-off on Saturday.

The Quietude Cowl by Rosemary Drysdale is one of those projects; it's knit with super-chunky yarn on size 15 needles. And we've kitted it up for you! Check it out:

The Quietude Cowl by Rosemary Drysdale

Nice, right?

This design is simple, but very well thought out. It starts with a few rounds of ribbing, and goes into a lofty stitch combination of yarnovers paired with decreases and stockinette, and ends with more ribbing. This pattern is really nice—it's light and airy, yet still warm, and super stylish.


The yarn is a nice wool blend and the colors are fabulous, as you can see at right. We're offering three color options: Natural, Smoke, and Mountainside. The cowl above is shown in Mountainside.

Cowls are so wonderful, aren't they? I love knitting them and wearing them. I've lost several scarves in my life—they slip off when I'm taking off my coat, or they fall out of the grocery cart, or I leave them hanging in a dressing room or at someone's house. When I take off a cowl, I slip it into my purse or my pocket. I haven't lost one yet!

Quietude is the perfect project for a cozy weekend. It also makes a fantastic gift, either the finished cowl or the kit. Football knitting, here I come.

Get your Quietude Cowl Kit today and cast-on!


P.S. Do you knit cowls? Leave a comment and let us know what you like-or don't like-about cowls!

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