Inspiration From Fearless Knitters

Dear Knitting Daily Readers:

You make me speechless with joy sometimes. Thursday afternoon, after a long and weird day, I sat down to read your comments on Wednesday's New Year post, and…wow. Are you people amazing, or what? You are not just fearless…you are fabulous. I am sooo impressed at how many new things you all tried in 2007, how many risks you took, how many new things you attempted. I bow to your Knitting Bravery, and I thank you for sharing your knitting adventures with everyone here on Knitting Daily.

Today, I wanted to do a few excerpts from the comments…and found myself trying to "excerpt" everyone's accomplishments! I finally gave up, selected a few at random, and to the rest of you I say: You are such an inspiration to me, personally, and to all of us. Thank you.

As you can see above, Kat and I came up with a little gift for all of you fearless, fab knitters: a blog button! (Instructions and other sizes and designs are included.) Enjoy!

Here's why you all inspire me, each and every day:

Kay A. inspires with her practical wisdom: I need to stop thinking of frogged knitting as wasted time, and instead think of it as learning from my mistakes. I need to stop thinking that the patterns I have or will design all must be offered free all the time because none of them are worthy of being submitted for publication and/or sold on my website. I also need to avoid talking technique with people because I'm afraid I don't 'know enough'. Sounds like you know quite a lot, Ms. Kay! You go, girl!

Kyira K. inspires with her determination: This year, I will fearlessly KNIT MY FIRST SWEATER!! OK, Kyira. You know we're all rooting for you, so send photos when you can.

Sharon V. inspires because she has the bravery to question her fears out loud: I need moral support for my issues with making vs. not making the sweater…[the first of which is] by the time I'm finished with it, I'll be too fat to wear it so what's the point? Am I destined never to make anything for myself? Hmm. I sense a post topic in the making: How To Knit A Sweater You'll Never Be Too Fat To Wear….Hmm. 🙂

Yvette R. inspires because she pretty much wins the Fearless Knitter 2007 award, hands down: I tried to be a fearless knitter in 2007. I taught myself to knit last January and since then I have knit socks, cables, lace, my first fair isle project and a sweater I designed for myself! Um, Yvette? You did not just try to be a fearless knitter. You ARE a fearless knitter. AWESOME!!

Jeanne inspires by reminding us that we are all in this together! Reading knitting blogs makes me a more fearless knitter. It makes me realize that even the best knitters make bone-headed mistakes! I'm not hopeless!

Tabitha inspires with her great attitude: I did a lot of fearless knitting in 2007. Sometimes fearless to the point of lunacy. Got myself in way over my head on more than one occasion but I learned something every time. I plan to do more of the same in 2008. Hopefully, this year will bring more knitting successes than failures!

And finally, my favorite comment, from Korie Beth B: I love the idea of knitting fearlessly — I would like to live fearlessly.

Yes, indeed, Korie Beth. May we all knit and live and love and laugh fearlessly this year.

Speaking of New Things…

Saturday night, I am going to my first-ever NHL hockey game. Yep. Me–at an actual sports event. Why would I do such a thing? For charity, of course: Sticks and Stitches, to be exact. A pack of Colorado knitters will be joining me at the Colorado Avalanche game (I'm now supposed to shout "GO AVS!" with gusto as if I have any clue who the other guys are), knitting afghan squares for Warm Up America, CYCA's program to distribute afghans to chilly folks in need.

Next week, I'll have photos and stories from the game to share.

Learn more about Sticks N' Stitches events in Colorado and elsewhere, as well as more about Warm Up America.

Sandi Wiseheart is the editor of Knitting Daily.

What's on Sandi's needles? I'm almost done with the cable on the front of the Gathered Pullover. I did not finish my husband's pullover in time for Christmas (oh well), but I did finish the hood and am halfway done with the sleeves.

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