Inside Out—A Unique Reversible Cabled Sweater

We’ve been talking a lot about Outspiration this month, where you take your craft outside or bring a bit of the outdoors into your work. What about literally turning your work inside out?

There are a number of unique stitch patterns that are just as pretty showing their reverse side as when they’re worn “right” side out. Jennifer Wood’s book Refined Knits: Sophisticated Lace, Cable, and Aran Lace Knitwear includes several such reversible designs. My personal favorite is Ada, a reversible pullover featuring a honeycomb cable pattern.


At first glance, Ada doesn’t scream cables! The pattern is cabled though, and, as Jennifer explains, fully reversible:

Just as some stitch patterns look like cables without having cable stitches, some stitch patterns are cables without looking like it. Because of the way the cables are arranged in Ada, they get lost in the honeycomb texture of the stitch pattern. On the right side, the cables form circles; on the wrong side, they form a pretty diamond shape.

With a contrasting I-cord binding on the neck, bottom edge, and cuffs, Ada is fully reversible. A reversible name for a reversible sweater—Ada means nobility, reflected in the purple yarn and diamond shapes formed on the wrong side.

Jennifer notes that a yarn with good stitch definition is a must when working cables, along with a fabulous color. I say, when working up something that’s going to get twice the wear, be sure it’s in your favorite shade.

—Kerry Bogert
Editorial Director, Books

Designs by Jennifer Wood