I’m Chilly & I Need a Sweater: Which One Should I Knit?

The leaves aren't just falling outside, they're dumping themselves in huge thick carpets on my lawn. I've started wearing a coat when I walk the dog, scuffing my waterproof boots through the rivers of leaves on the sidewalks.

Autumn has arrived here in southern Ontario.

I've started mentally inventorying my cold-weather gear, and, given the lessons I learned last year during my first Canadian winter, my closet could use a little knitted help. I have a lovely thick down coat, but no hat. I have thin leather gloves, but the dog ate one of my thick winter mittens last spring (the vet bills were shocking–now we keep all knitted goodies out of Buddy's reach). I could wear The One Mitten, but then I'd feel like some sort of knitterly rock star. Thankfully, I have two or three scarves for caulking purposes, plus several shawls to tuck around me. (My friend D. believes that scarves are the essential Canadian piece of cold-weather garb. She has the most awesome collection of knitted and handwoven scarves, and wears them with panache, sometimes two or three at a time. Now THERE's a woman who knows how to dress warmly and well.)

Thus, at minimum, I need one hat and one pair of mittens. Given that the temperatures have already dropped below freezing several nights in a row, methinks I need these knitted goodies as fast as I can knit them.

Happily, one of my UFOs was a set of thrummed mittens–remember those (that link takes you to the main post and pattern links, here are tips and a tutorial)? The poor things had been abandoned at the point where they were all knit up…except for the thumbs. The line of waste yarn marking the thumbholes seemed to crook a mocking smile at me, chiding me for leaving the mittens undone so long, when all that was needed was a set of thumbs.

So I sat down one night and thumbed them 🙂  And now they are done, and not only do I have some nice fluff-lined mittens, my UFO count is down to 16. Whoo!

Except that my WIP number may be about to creep up, from three (Bolero–still working on all that ribbing; Star Light Star Bright Blanket–fifth row of stars!; and socks–halfway through the first one) to four…because I'm about to cast on for something else I need.

A sweater. A nice, warm, Toronto sweater.

I know it might seem to you that I, of all people, must have plenty of sweaters…and I do. They just don't fit me anymore. As many of you know, I've lost a lot of weight since in the past year…and so my closet is filled with Extra Large sweaters when I am no longer an Extra Large Sandi.

My current sweaters are quite lovely for slopping about the house in; Tim, the kitten, has even discovered that one of them forms quite a lovely, warm cat tent when I am wearing it whilst watching TV. ("Your sweater is rumbling." "Yes, dear, I know." "Are you hungry?" "No, but I think perhaps Tim is.")

However, as much as I like sharing my sweaters with my cats, I'd really like a sweater that fits just me, thank you very much.

Given that there are a gadzillion wonderful sweater patterns out there, I thought it  might be fun to have you help me choose the next one I make. What do you think? Have any ideas? The only two parameters are: I'd prefer a cardigan, and given that we're playing on Interweave's playground here, how about an Interweave pattern?

Leave your suggestions for The Sweater You Think Sandi Ought to Make For Herself in the comments, and I'll compile a list of your faves–and then you'll all get to vote!

Hee. This could be fun. (Would you like to choose the yarn and the colour too? Why not? Let's choose the pattern first, though. One thing at a time.)

All right then: A bit of knitterly fun for all of us, as the leaves skydive to the ground and the temperatures drop with them.

Knit with joy…

– Sandi

P.S. Let me know what you think! You can email me at [email protected] or you can leave a comment.

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