Ideas from the Knitting Green Challenge

Malkala turns old sweaters into kids' legwarmers.
Rosebrass makes stuffed animals out of old sweaters.

We started the Knitting Green Challenge to celebrate the release of Ann Budd's new book Knitting Green, and as  always, I was blown away by you Knitting Daily members—there are so many wonderful contributions to the challenge! From bags to necklaces to rugs, you reused all kinds of materials (including pop can tops!) to create amazing pieces of art.

Even more impressive is the incredible usability of the items you created; any of these pieces could be instantly integrated into your everyday lives, which is an important component to the repurposing concept: if the item isn't useful, it might end up in the trash bin, which is what we want to avoid, right?

Even though this wasn't really a contest, I do have a couple of favorites. I absolutely love the legwarmers Malkala makes, and Rosebrass's little fox is so darling (photos at right).

It's true that a picture says a thousand words, so here are some more items from the challenge!

                               Jemima Spare's felted sweater bag

Andrea L.'s thermal t-shirt scarf
BeardedBiker's telephone wire bag Chris A.'s recycled sheet cabled bathmat Hazel S. made this shawl out of old Levis!
Craft Evolve's fabulous necklace. Janer's grocery sack handbag
  LisaFred's felt knitting needle basket


Daylilies' t-shirt draft-stopper doggie Donna's crocheted pop top purse Miss Muffin's t-shirt and bedsheet rug


DominantHands' chair slipcover basket with yarn recycled from a gift Maggie Kruser's plastic grocery sack handbag Peg's t-shirt handbag with a belt handle

Want more knitting green inspiration? We're sponsoring a blog tour that features many of the contributors in Knitting Green, so stop by and enjoy!





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