I Need a Hat: The Knitted Slouch

I am NOT one of those people who looks great in hats, especially the beanie-type hat. I wear those hats in the winter when I have too, but I much prefer the beret style hat or the slouch hat.

It was in the 30s this weekend in Spokane—it's getting hard to remember those 95-degree days when all I wanted for Christmas was a fan. I need a hat now, and I can't wait for the holidays to get one as a gift.

So, I was trolling through the free patterns on Knitting Daily, and I decided to try the Barrymore Slouch Hat by Lisa Shroyer from our recent free eBook, 6 Free Easy Knitting Patterns. This hat is really easy and quick-to-knit, and it's also stylish and warm. Some slouchy hats don't cover the ears, which isn't an option for this climate. The Barrymore Hat actually has built-in ear flaps tucked under the band for extra coziness.

This hat has a lot of design features, such as the garter rows every so often and the buttons on the side. I have quite a collection of buttons from my great gramma, my gramma, and my mom (not to mention my own OCD button-shopping tendencies). I keep them in a vintage Crisco jar, which just adds to the charm of the collection.

I usually find just the right button in that jar, and it gets replenished regularly from various sources (tell people you have a button collection, and you never know what you'll get).

Building Skills: No Slouching!

This project uses several basic skills and some more intermediate techniques that add just a bit of a challenge. You'll do your basic knitting in the round plus a slip stitch row and a purl row each time you switch colors. You'll also pick up stitches with a crochet hook

If you're new to knitting in the round, here's a quick tutorial from Knitting Daily TV that shows how to join in the round when using both circular needles and double-pointed needles. You'll learn a couple of tips in this video clip, too, including how to keep a round marker on the needles when you're using double-points.

I have two black coats and one silver down vest, so I think I'll knit this hat out of a dark gray and a silver gray merino wool. Should be beautiful. (Or maybe some red and silver?)

Get the Barrymore Slouch Hat pattern and five more easy knitting pattern when you download your free eBook!



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