I love this shawl!

The Beacon Shawl by Megi Burcl

The Beacon Shawl by Megi Burcl

I have a lot of new favorites, lately, but that’s the way it should be!

The new issue of Knitscene Accessories features designer Megi Burcle’s fabulous shawl collection, and of course I have a favorite—the Beacon Shawl. I love the brown-gray base, and the color changes from orange to raspberry? LOVE.

Beacon is worked sideways in garter stitch. The large triangle is worked first, and then the ombré border is knitted onto the straight edge. The shawl is finished with the solid edgings. This is a smallish shawl, measuring 46″ wide and 15: tall. The yarn is fingering-weight (use up some of that solid-colored sock yarn!), and it’s knit on size 5 US (3.7mm) needles.

I can’t wait to knit this project! And then maybe another one of Megi’s designs, the Ship that Shawl. It’s my second favorite from Megi’s collection of shawl knitting patterns.

Ship that Shawl by Megi Burcl

Ship that Shawl by Megi Burcl

I’m loving that rounded triangle; the shaping on Ship that Shawl makes it sit perfectly on your shoulders, and I really like this color combo, too. Megi is so creative!

Writer Shannon Baisden Fenimore wrote a feature on Megi for Knitscene Accessories. Here’s an excerpt so you can get to know Megi a little bit.

Megi Burcl: Making It Work

Megi Burcl has come a long way in the six years I’ve known her. The first design she submitted for publication was a hat for Knitscene Easy. She recalls, “I remember looking at the call very literally and then designing the Ateara Hat to fit the description: knit flat, simple knit and purl stitches. I didn’t even get to the purl part. I waffled between absolute cockiness that I knew what I was doing would work and be cute, and abject fear that I was making something unwearable. I kept telling myself to keep going and ‘make it work.’ When I put on the prototype, and it worked exactly like I had hoped, I said, ‘Eff, yes! Tim Gunn forever!’ After that I had to keep going. I made a vow to Tim Gunn to continue forever.” So far she’s kept her vow to Tim Gunn; she’s constantly designing, working, and reworking shawls.

Three more shawls wrap up Megi's Knitscene Accessories collection: The Harper Shawl, The Sarcasm Shawl, and the Cait Shawl.

Three more shawls wrap up Megi’s Knitscene Accessories collection: The Harper Shawl, The Sarcasm Shawl, and the Cait Shawl.

Last fall, I drove the two and a half hours from Columbus, Ohio, to visit Megi in her house in North Central Ohio. Megi, with her husband, Nate; son, Sam; four dogs; and two cats recently moved into a beautiful house surrounded by woods. Through her floor-to-ceiling living room windows, I could see the light filtering through the beautiful fall foliage on that clear and serene Ohio day, and I understood why Megi is
so picky with color.

She’s surrounded by it. Her house is as colorful as her designs. Boldly painted walls let all visitors know that, yes, this is definitely Megi’s dwelling. As we sat there knitting, she ripped out an entire section of a shawl she was working on for this collection. I was horrified. It looked great to me, but to Megi the colors weren’t lining up right. And that pretty much sums up Megi’s design process: just keep on knitting until it works.

—Shannon Baisden Fenimore, Knitscene Accessories 2015

Join me in the shawl love for Megi’s collection; get your copy of Knitscene Accessories 2015 today!


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