Hygge + knit.wear = The Winter Whites Collection

What happens when you combine the hygge trend with knit.wear style? The Winter Whites collection in knit.wear Fall/Winter 2017! When we were brainstorming this issue many months ago the hygge trend was exploding in America, so naturally, we thought to blend the modern, clean aesthetic of knit.wear with this Scandinavian comfort-driven lifestyle trend. We combined classic techniques (like cables and textured stitch patterns) and luxurious fibers with feminine, unexpected silhouettes to evoke the cozy feel of hygge without compromising the fresh, sleek knit.wear look.

The standout piece of this collection is our cover project, the Demetria Cowl by Susanna IC. Made in cloud-like The Big Softy Yarn by The Rare Creature, this reverse cabled cowl can be worn like a stole or buttoned and wrapped for chic, enveloping layer that protects you from the cold.

For an “editor’s pick,” I will be casting on the Lumi Tunic by Sarah Solomon as soon as possible. It’s all in the details with this garment: the allover textured stitch, the precise finishing, and the full-fashioned shoulders add up to an essential wardrobe piece that will look fantastic paired with leggings and boots. The yarn—Clever Camel by Jones & Vandermer—was the catalyst for our feature article on the Wild Camel Protection Foundation.

Find more comforting cables, clean lines, and elegant design in knit.wear Fall/Winter 2017. And let us know what you think of the new issue!

Olwen Cardigan by Cheryl Toy

Niamh Pullover by Lana Jois

Janus Pullover by Irina Anikeeva

Iclyn Sweater by Anna Harris

Eira Pullover by Linda Marveng

Bianca Pullover by Kephren Pritchett

With love,

knit.wear’s Winter Whites, with a Dash of Hygge


  1. Myriam G at 1:36 pm October 26, 2017

    knitwear is my favourite knitting magazine ever. It’s just a pure wow. I love your other titles, too, but the pieces I made from knit.wear are all stunning garments with quiet elegance. This issue lives up to the reputation.

    I just orderedlight grey yarn to make the Eira pullover; lovely cabled sweater with a contemporary twist.

    • Jenn at 5:39 am October 27, 2017

      Hey Myriam – we love that you love knit.wear! Stay tuned next week – the Eira Pullover will be our Pattern of the Week! Have fun!

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