How Were You A Fearless Knitter in 2008?

Did everyone have a joyous holiday, however you celebrated? Did you hug your family, eat lots of food, have a few hours of wonder and gratitude? Did you get cool knitting or crocheting or spinning stuff? Did you at least get a gift certificate so you can go to the yarn shop and buy yourself some nice yarn or needles or a knitting bag or even some nice books from Interweave? (hee hee)

And now, in three days, it will be 2009. Unbelieveable! 2008 will soon be behind us, so I thought it high time to ask you all a very important question:


How were you Fearless in 2008?

Remember that I started off the year challenging everyone to try something new in their crafting, to boldly go where no yarn-lover has gone before. So now I'd like to know what you did! Did you try cables for the first time? Did you learn to spin? Did you block something for the first time? Did you finally make a sweater that FITS?

Leave a comment. Heck send us a photo and when the holiday craze dies down a bit, maybe I can make a Fearless Gallery of what all you fab folks did this past year.

But Sandi–how were YOU fearless in 2008?

Oh, yeah. I guess it isn't fair to ask you to share your fearless feats and not tell you what mine were!

Color Wheel The big fear I conquered this year was my fear of Color. I have always thought of myself as Color Stupid, and avoided any Fair Isle pattern where I had to choose my own combinations as though it could give me a disease. Someone at work challenged me to face that fear, and in the process, I discovered Deb Menz and her stunning book Color Works. I was convinced that I was hopeless with color; Deb helped me become color-confident. The end result? I designed two separate Fair Isle swatches in two different colorways. And they don't suck. Hooray!

The other fear I faced was one so many of us carry around with us. I faced my fear of What I Look Like In Photos. Like so many women, I've grown up hating how I look in photographs, and not really wanting to have my picture out there. But in the process of posing for the Galleries, and in working with the fearless and gorgeous Gallery Gals, I learned so much about what looks good on me and what doesn't that now I am no longer squirrelly about getting my photo taken.

Heck, I'm even OK with being on TV. So when the Knitting Daily TV folks asked me if I would do some on-camera interviews with people for the You Asked It segments of Series 200 (coming to a public TV station near you January 18th!), I said yes–and then immediately went shopping for a cool on-camera outfit. My husband and I spent hours finding just the right clothing; I then went home and made myself a lovely necklace and earrings to match. I even bought new lipstick and new eye makeup.

Knitting Gallery - Manchester Jacket Sandi

I flew to Ohio, where the show was being taped…and the airline proceeded to lose my luggage, complete with Fancy TV Outfit and Makeup inside. For two entire days, they lost my luggage.

I had nothing to wear for two entire days–let alone on camera–but the rather frumpy outfit I had worn on the plane. Robyn Chachula saved the day for the TV taping by lending me a sweater from the Blueprint Crochet trunk show, and then–get this–Kim Werker DID MY MAKEUP FOR ME using her own cosmetic kit. (Now, THERE are some REAL friends for you.)

A year ago, I would have cringed with embarrassment over not having the perfect clothes and makeup for my big TV debut. This time, I just couldn't stop laughing about how funny the fates were being to make me Walk My Talk about wearing your clothes and not letting them wear you!


OK, now it's your turn. Tell us how you were a Fearless Knitter, a Fearless Crocheter, or a Fearless Spinner in 2008.

And by the way…thank you all for a wonderful, amazing year of knitting, yarn, and learning. Each and every day, I am grateful for each and every one of you. It is a privilege to share in your crafty lives each day.

— Sandi

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Sandi Wiseheart is the editor of Knitting Daily.

What's on Sandi's needles? Did I finish my mom's Leaf and Nupp Shawl from Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush? I don't know. I'm writing this ahead of time so I can have Christmas off.  All will be revealed next year, I promise…



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