How to Wear Knit Shawls 5 Different Ways

We publish a lot of knit shawls and wrap patterns here at Interweave, and it’s always a dilemma at the photoshoots—how do you best style a shawl? Should it be bundled like a scarf, draped over the shoulders, tied in a knot, worn kerchief-style? We like to try different styling options, so that the reader can see how versatile the project is, and so that they can see the knitted fabric from different angles.

One fun option for wearing knit shawls is to use a shawl pin. A shawl pin holds the fabric in place, so you can wear the shawl or wrap in lots of different ways without it falling off. Our friends at JUL designs recently sent us a box of shawl pins and other cool shawl accessories, and we had fun going through the items and trying them out on some of our shawls.

First is the Dayak Shawl Pin, shown here on the Beacon Shawl from knitscene. This is a small shawl that won’t stay in place just draped on the shoulders, so knotting it or pinning it in place works best.

Style knit shawls 5 ways—learn how in this Knitting Daily blog.

The Beacon Shawl

We also tried the Dayak Shawl Pin on the Galax Shawl, featured in the 2015 issue of Interweave Knits Gifts. This is a long narrow shawl that can be worn like a scarf. Securing it with the pin means cozy neckwarming freedom as you run about town.

Style knit shawls 5 ways—learn how in this Knitting Daily blog.

Galax Shawl

JUL always makes these cool leather ties than can be used to lace up a lacey project, just by threading it through yarnovers. We tried using one tie on the Squall Line Shawl from Interweave Knits Fall 2015. We started at the bottom and threaded the tie upwards, crossing over and under as you would lace a shoe. This adds a steampunk feel to the big shawl, and keeps it in place. The tie sort of turns this shawl into a poncho!

Style knit shawls 5 ways—learn how in this Knitting Daily blog.

Squall Line Shawl

The mod leather shawl pin looks great on this bulky reversible stole, which will be featured in an upcoming issue of Interweave Knits.

244And lastly, this cool Renaissance Hinge looks great with the Ojo de Dios Shawl (available as a kit or pattern). We put the shawl on backwards, then brought the ends around to the front and applied the hinge by popping the studs on the back of it right through the yarnovers along the edging. The hinge pieces snap together and hold the ends in place.

Style knit shawls 5 ways—learn how in this Knitting Daily blog.

Ojo de Dios

How to wear knit shawls? Check out these patterns and cool products from JUL, and maybe you’ll find some new options for your fall wardrobe.



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