How-To Video: Twisted Stitches, The Simple Way

Do The Twist!

Twisted stitches aren't always a mistake–sometimes designers use them intentionally to give a garment texture, body, and interest. A perfect example is this week's free pattern, the Twisted-V Pullover, an excerpt from our new book Simple Style. In this pretty pullover, the clean lines of a classic V-neck are enhanced with a lovely twisted rib stitch pattern. The twisted stitches of the bodice define the pullover's slimming silhouette; the same pattern at the cuffs adds to the sweater's unusual look.

As a companion to our free pattern, in today's video, Eunny Jang, editor of Interweave Knits, shows us all the simple "ins and outs" of twisting your stitches: how to purl through the back loop, what to do on wrong-side rows, and how to work twisted stitches in the round.


— Sandi


If you have trouble watching the video above, click here to view it.


Simple, Yet Beautiful Knitting:
Simple Style:
19 Innovative to Traditional Designs With Simple Knitting Techniques

Life these days can seem pretty complicated–and if you're like me, the time you spend knitting is a much-needed antidote for all the other frantic hours in the day! When you're tired, or stressed, it can be comforting to "just knit"–to have a project on your needles without complicated shaping or patterning, a project that makes the most of a gorgeous yarn and the simple glory of the knit and purl stitch.

Simple Style by Ann Budd presents patterns that are graceful without being fussy, stylish without being fancy. Each pattern has something special about it–an interesting edging, an unexpected silhouette–and each pattern is clean, classic, and yes: simple.

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Sandi Wiseheart is the editor of Knitting Daily.

What's on Sandi's needles? You may have noticed I like to switch back and forth between different projects quite a bit…this helps me to adjust my knitting to my mood, my energy levels, and to the sudden appearance of a new, gorgeous yarn! This week, I seem to be sock-happy; I'm determined to finish at least one pair before I cast on for anything new. (Wish me luck.) Happy Weekend Knitting, all!


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