How to Make Fringe for Knitting Projects

I finally finished my Tessellating Leaves Stole… well finished knitting it anyway. I did half of my fringe and then stalled out a bit, due to just being so busy.

That would be Garrett, our video studio manager, totally photobombing me.

This is the first time I’ve added fringe to a knitting project so I thought I’d write up my “process,” if one can call this a process.

Step 1: Meander around the office looking for anything that might be either 5″ or 10″ in length.
Step 1a: Decide your scissors are too sharp so you should dull them a bit by cutting cardboard to fit your needs.

Step 2: Mutter about having to count 116 times as you wrap the yarn around the aforementioned cardboard piece.
Step 2a: No really, it’s so hard to keep track, and then people come in and talk to you while you’re trying to count and it’s almost as bad as trying to cast-on while you’re anywhere but at home in a controlled environment.
Step 2b: Lose count. A lot. Eventually decide to just wind until I can wind no more and if I run out of strings, I can always count more right?

Step 3: Realize, after the fact, that a better decision would have been to just wind and cut in sets of 20 or so—no counting everything, no trying to cut through a million strands of yarn.
Step 3a: Fervently wish I was a little smarter, a little faster.

Step 4: Once everything’s been cut, grab a crochet hook and start attaching the fringe to the scarf. I like to insert the hook from the wrong side of the work.

Step 5: Find the midpoint of the strands and get them on the hook, just under the notch.

Step 6: Pull the hook through the knitted fabric.

Step 7: Pull the ends of the strands through the loop.

Step 8: Tug on the ends until the loop tightens up and is snugly against the edge of the knitting.

I’m feeling extra lazy today so I was using the fringe process as a way to secure my ends, without weaving them in. Handy short cut if you’re short on time and want to wear something right now!


Have you added fringe to your knitting before? If you want another incentive to give it a try, just wait until you see our Knitscene Summer 2015 cover project! Soooooon, my friends. Soon.

Happy knitting,

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