How to make a yarn butterfly

Have you heard of vertically stranded colorwork? It's a wonderful technique developed by Lorilee Beltman.

Vertical stranding is easy, once you get the hang of it; you simply knit one column of stitches with a different color. Here are some examples of vertical stranding:

Four ways to implement vertical stranding

I went in-depth on vertical stranding last month, but I didn't show you one of the crucial techniques you'll need to knit vertical stranding without pulling out your hair! That technique is using center-pull yarn butterflies.

Here's Lorilee to show you how to make these little bundles:

Our Paths Cross Socks

Cool, huh? And, of course, these yarn butterflies work with any color knitting techniques; it's an especially effective method for managing your yarn when working intarsia.

The pattern Lorilee is working on in the video is another vertical stranding design, Our Paths Cross knit socks, shown at right. In these socks, Lorilee moves the colored strands to the right or the left on each round, creating diagonal colorwork. Simple and pretty.

Learn how to work this fabulous technique in Lorilee's video workshop, Vertically Stranded Colorwork. You'll love how she uses vertical stranding in so many ways, including a neat idea for a garter-stitch border that would be stunning on a sweater. I just love this knitting technique.


P.S. Have you knit any vertical stranding projects? Tell us about it in the comments!

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