How to Knit: Increasing (or Decreasing) Evenly Across a Row

I cringe when I see this direction in a knitting pattern without the exact method spelled out: "Increase (or decrease) ___ stitches across row."

I always end up trying at least three times to get the stitches increased without having too many on one end and therefore skewing the hang of the finished sweater.

Do you have this problem, too? Well I found the solution! I thought there must be something out there on the internet to tell me how to increase or decrease evenly, and I was right.

A gal who calls herself Knitting Fiend has put a math-driven generator on her site, and all you have to do is plug in the numbers from your pattern and the generator will give you directions on how to increase or decrease in order to get to your desired number of stitches. It's so handy!

I use it all the time and I think you might, too, so check out Knitting Fiend's stitch generator and bookmark it!


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