How to Knit for Beginners: Easy Knitting Instructions to Help You Learn to Knit

If you know someone who wants to know how to start knitting (or maybe you're a beginning knitter yourself!), this booklet will get them going on the right foot.

Topics covered include:

Before You Start: Information about supplies you'll need, yarn, needles, reading yarn labels, and gauge

Casting On: How do a slip knot and how to cast on using the long-tail cast-on

The Knit Stitch: How to make the knit stitch

The Purl Stitch: How to make the purl stitch

Binding Off: How to bind off your stitches at the end of your project

Joining New Yarn: How to join a new ball of yarn

OOPS! Fixing Common Mistakes: How to unravel stitch by stitch and how to avoid extra stitches

Your First Projects: Easy knitting instructions for a garter-stitch scarf, a garter-stitch dishcloth, and a ribbed scarf

Recommended Reading: Some great resources for beginning knitters

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