How To Knit Cables in Unexpected Ways

Cable knitting - swaying cables

Swaying Cables Scarf

What was the last cabled project you knitted? Mine was the Swaying Cables Scarf from knit.wear Fall/Winter 2013.  I really love it because it presents cables in a way I hadn’t thought about before—rather than just straight up and down, they “sway” from one side of the piece to the other several times, creating a sort of DNA double helix look. Other than the cables, the scarf is just knit in garter stitch, so the cables are the focus. It makes for a simply constructed yet very interesting finished object. And it’s super warm, so win-win for me!

If you are looking for a new and different way to knit cables in your knitting projects, look no further! One of Interweave’s favorite designers, Heather Zoppetti, has done a ton of work in this part of the knitting world. First, she has a new Interweave book out, called—surprise!—Unexpected Cables. There are eighteen garment and accessory patterns in the book, all with cables used in modern, unexpected, ways. 


Stevens, Unexpected Cables


Kissel Hill, Unexpected Cables

These projects are gorgeous, but those cables look a little frightening! Fortunately, Heather also teamed up with us to create a video to help a cable-knitter through all sorts of wacky cables. In Knit Unexpected Cables, Reversible, Traveling, Infinite & More Heather demonstrates how to tackle all of these cable types in order to enable you to knit the beautiful projects in her book. Check out the preview:

We have an awesome promotion right now—get the video, and for a limited time get the Unexpected Cables eBook for FREE!  What a great deal! It’s just for a short time, though, so get your video and eBook now! Soon enough you’ll be well on your way to being a master of cables just like Heather.

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