How to Graft Your Knitting Invisibly: A Brand-New eBook!

If you’ve ever knit a pair of top-down socks, you probably grafted the toe using Kitchener stitch. Kitchener binds stockinette stitch, and makes the work look as though you’ve knit continuously when you really used a needle to connect the stitches. But how do you graft something that’s not in stockinette, like ribbing, or lace?

Interweave knitting Senior Project Editor Joni Coniglio has a brand-new eBook all about invisible grafting. It covers a lot of material; the basics of grafting, grafting rib and lace, how to make charts for the steps in a particular pattern, seven different lace patterns for practice, and three exclusive lace project patterns. This eBook is truly comprehensive and meaty with information.

How to Graft Your Knitting Invisibly by Joni Coniglio

But what makes this eBook unique to all the other material out there about grafting? Well, Joni teaches grafting projects invisibly, and in any stitch pattern. She does this with her chart system that can be used to chart any set of stitches that need grafting. An advantage to this system is that there is no memorization involved – you make your own chart and follow the steps! The eBook dives into exactly how to chart and graft ribbed patterns and lace patterns, and even gives samples to help you practice and build your grafting skills. With almost 60 pages of in-depth instruction and explanation, plus three brand-new lace projects (a shawl, a hat, and a stole), How to Graft Your Knitting Invisibly is a robust guide that will help you master grafting. 


Cables and Lace Cowl                      Rainbow Lace Stole                            Hat with Lace Brim

Along with the eBook are three new videos from Joni on this subject. The first video focuses on the basics of grafting and her chart system. The second builds upon the base knowledge, and teaches how to easily graft ribbing, while giving you a few more chart symbols. The last video looks at grafting lace and the efficient ways to chart this. These videos are also sold in a bundle, which saves you money on all three.

This eBook and the videos together contain a wealth of knowledge to help any knitter become a fearless grafter. The projects included in the eBook are beautifully designed and wonderful motivation to help anyone take the leap to learning more about grafting. Are you ready to become a master grafter?

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