How to Finish Knitting with Tanis Gray’s New Video

Someone once said that everything starts over when it gets crisp in the fall. Or something like that. I think it might have been Fitzgerald? F. Scott, not Zelda. I feel myself spiraling down the literature rabbit hole and that’s not the goal of this post! My point is that when the weather gets chillier, and the leaves start falling, I always feel like I get a clean slate and a restart. It’s a great time to try new things with a fresh mind, let go of what I think I know and approach things with new eyes.

Because of this, I love knitting new patterns in the fall. Getting into the yarn choice, stitches and textures, and proudly showing off the finished piece makes me feel accomplished and renewed. I’ve been working on a pair of socks this fall, my first sock knitting in almost a decade (I always suffered very acutely from second sock syndrome). The yarn is striping beautifully, the pattern is cathartic to knit, and they’re for a good friend (who I think will like them a whole lot), so it’s all coming together really well.

At this point sock knitting is pretty much new to me so I’m trying to make sure my basics are well in hand, especially my finishing techniques. There’s nothing more disappointing than spending lots of time and effort on a project only to finish it sloppily. It’s one thing for a project to look handmade with love, but I want it to look handmade with competent hands with love!


Into this need fell Tanis Gray’s new video, Basic Finishing Techniques: Transform Your Knitting with Blocking and More! Tanis is one of the smartest and most talented knitters I know (you can read all about my knitter crush on her in this year’s Knits Gifts!), and the information in this video is invaluable. Find out all about how to finish knitting projects in beautiful form, and why it is so important to spend the time to finish your projects correctly.

Here you will learn why it is important not to knot your yarn as you’re joining a new ball (Tanis teaches you several different kinds of joins you can use instead). You will also learn about how to properly weave in ends so that they are both hidden and secure, and Tanis wraps up talking about blocking, why it matters and how to do it several different ways.


I think we all strive to make things that look good, that we can be proud to wear or to give as gifts. One of the best compliments I’ve ever received about a hand knit is “that sweater looks like you bought it!” If I can make something look professional I very much want to do so. My first forays into knitting were definitely not high caliber (please imagine the brown potholder I made for my dad that ended up looking like a fringed version of Oklahoma). I didn’t really know what I was doing, my heart was in the right place but I did not understand some key basics that would have helped my early projects.

I know a lot more now, but I still found this video to be really helpful and I learned several techniques that I did not know. If, like me, you find fall to be a time to dust off the cobwebs and try some new things you’ll really love this video too!

Happy (fall) knitting,





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