Hot Cakes Poncho: Get It While It’s Hot!

Ponchos are everywhere lately, aren’t they? At least, they’ve definitely been on my radar more than usual. Ponchos are an interesting garment to me—not quite a sweater or coat, but not quite a blanket. Kind of like a blanket with a neck hole. And they can vary so much in shape and fabric; no two ponchos are exactly alike. The Plymouth yarn pattern, Hot Cakes Poncho, is both an interesting garment and knit, with a low-concentration pattern and yarn that does all the work!

Interweave Social Media Manager Andrea models the Hot Cakes Poncho like a boss! Photo by George Boe.

The Plymouth Hot Cakes Poncho is essentially two rectangles that are seamed together, as is fairly common with poncho patterns, for the sake of simplicity. The pattern repeat used in this pattern is just four rows long, so it’s easily memorizable. Additionally, the yarn, Plymouth Yarn Hot Cakes, is self-striping. This means you don’t do any fancy colorwork at all, and the colors change on their own as you knit along. Lynne Lounsbury, our staff member who knit up the poncho in the photographs, told me this project was a tad addicting, as she often found herself saying, “Just one more row!”

Self-striping yarn does all the work! Photo by George Boe.

Lynne knitted the first rectangle in the pattern with one ball of yarn, and used the second ball for the second rectangle, just to keep things even. She also made sure to block the piece before she seamed them, so the seams didn’t get wonky. She used the mattress stitch when seaming, which is a great method that will give you a clean look on the right side and a nice, clean ridge on the wrong side.

The front and back are practically identical. Photo by George Boe.

I love a project that requires so little concentration that you can watch—and pay attention to—the TV or a conversation with your knitting group. I often knit and watch Netflix simultaneously (what I call knitflixing), but after a while I notice that I haven’t paid attention to the show I’m watching for about twenty minutes. You can knit this poncho without even looking at it, so you’ll miss nothing from the latest episode of The Crown. What a great project to potentially knit during Mercury retrograde!

The Plymouth Hot Cakes Poncho Kit includes the two skeins of Hot Cakes required for the project, in the Grey Burgundy Mix colorway, and a PDF of the Plymouth Yarn pattern. Get your kit and get with the poncho trend now!

Happy poncho knitting,

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