Hollywood Hunks and The Breast Cancer Support Scarf

Hi Knitting Daily, First of all… wow!  I still can’t get over what an incredible job Eunny did in demonstrating how to get started on our Knit for a Cause Breast Cancer Support Scarf from Knitting Daily TV. Seven months pregnant at the time, I wasn’t able to make it to the tapings back in March (a shame, because I’ve always wanted to be on TV), but I was overjoyed to learn that Eunny would be acting in my place. You can watch it right here. Thanks again, Eunny!

I guess I should explain where the idea for the Breast Cancer Support Scarf came from…. It’s a kinda fun story, after all… but only if you like the thought of an original Ghostbuster agreeing to knit for charity! Some of you might have heard that we at JimmyBeansWool.com were invited to participate in one of the pre-Emmy’s Celebrity Swag Suites back in September 2007. Once invited (don’t worry—they didn’t have to ask twice), we took it upon ourselves to create a luxury quick-knit for the event—something that some of the celebrities could pick up and quickly knit a row or two. (Plus, I’ve always loved a quick-and-dirty bulky knitting project, especially one that uses silky and fuzzy luxury yarns.) Five beautiful yarns, a few frogged scarves, and a very long weekend of schmoozing later, and the Breast Cancer Support Scarf was born!

Download the free Breast Cancer Support Scarf pattern here.

Luckily, the weekend went even better than planned; most of the Hollywood hunks in attendance that day in the Swag Suite (Kevin Sorbo, Ernie Hudson, Judd Nelson (yes – that Judd Nelson) Tim Daly and Scott Baio, to name a few) allowed me to teach them the knit stitch and then knit a few rows on the original scarf. The girls who knit were all gracious and generous with their time, but it was the guys who stole our hearts… learning to knit for a cause AND be photographed while doing it? I can’t imagine how the weekend could have turned out better. Anyway, we auctioned off the original scarf a few days later and raised an additional $265 for charity. (Of course, I did go ahead and bind off and sew in the ends… I didn’t dare ask any of the celebs to do that.)

So… what does this have to do with the scarf you just watched Eunny demo? Well, the response to the original scarf was so overwhelming that we decided to take it a step further and create a kit. Our knitters could then make their own Breast Cancer Support Scarves—even if they might not have a Hollywood Hunk to help them. It was really important to keep the charity at the center of our motivation, so right from the beginning we decided to donate $5 from each kit sold to breast cancer charities. To date, we’ve donated over $2,000 to the Susan B. Komen Foundation from our kit sales.

After raising a few thousand dollars for breast cancer, we decided to expand and now offer a selection of Knit for a Cause scarf kits: Alzheimer’s in purples, Leukemia in oranges, Heart Disease in reds, and Ovarian Cancer in teals. We designed them partially because customers began requesting kits in other colors symbolic of various causes, and partially because in one way or another, all of us at Jimmy Beans Wool have been touched by at least one of these diseases. Now five charities strong, each kit bears a special significance and $5 from each kit sold goes to the respective charity.

So, whether you knit one of these scarves to keep, or one to give away, we know you’ll be happy with the result, both creatively and charitably…and you will have a great story to tell your friends. We sure do!

P.S. If you’re interested in pics of the original hunks knitting, you can find them by clicking here.

–Laura Zander, JimmyBeansWool.com

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