History of Hand Knitting, A – all errata

When Interweave decided to bring A History of Hand Knitting back into print, we had no electronic files or film to make any changes in the interior of the book. It is printed in black and white exactly as the original. However, we did create a new cover jacket, and we thought we had removed all references to color, but we missed some.

We sincerely apologize for the discrepancies.


The caption for the images on these pages are cut off.

Page 71
63 The crimson silk stockings of Eleanora of Toledo, 1562. Palazzo Pitti, Florence.

Page 81
70 A jacket of brocaded knitting in green and yellow silk with silver-gilt thread, seventeenth or eighteenth-century, origin unknown. Length 57.5 cm, width 37 cm; sleeve 40 cm (23 x 14 + 16 in.). Gauge: 60 stitches to 10 cm (4 in.).

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