1. Bronwyn P at 6:03 am August 25, 2017

    I was really disgusted that the pattern for Boar capelet is so messed up. I looked at your errata, but that is a minor typo. It does not address the issues in the last half of the pattern starting after you get to the 69 stitches. The next decrease says you should have 53 stitches when you only get to 61. I pulled it out numerous times but got no where. FInally this am, went to ravelry and found the designer has it advertised to sell. On a whim I paid for it and downloaded it and found major differences in the pattern but the biggest difference was when I just got the the decrease I was having trouble with and found she has made a change to the 61 stitches I got over and over again. I am back to that point and will try forward from there. I am thoroughly angry she did not have you post them in your errata. Although it only cost me $4, I am going to let her know this is not OK.

    • Dawn S at 2:24 pm September 5, 2017

      I totally agree and have also just purchased the pattern from Ravelry
      I made 4 and just fudged the Dec row to get to 53 sts
      Will now try out the correct pattern
      Did you get any joy from complaining?

  2. Sandra K at 9:29 am September 6, 2017

    I too am trying to knit the capelet and have found that the entire pattern seems wrong from the shaping rows. I have contacted Interweave and been told there is no eta on the corrected pattern. I am very disappointed, as I was to make this for a friend under a time constraint. I am not an experienced enough knitter to try and work it out myself.

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