Hey, Girl, Teach Me How to Knit!

A Note from Kathleen: Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we’ve got love on our minds—love for the people in our lives, and love for our knitting!

Today Love of Knitting editor Deb Gerish is here to tell you about her Valentines Day knitting daydreams. She’s so funny; you’re gonna love this!

Hey Girl, Teach Me How to Knit!

Learn to Fix Your Knitting Mistakes!

Girl, we’ll never split up, but can you teach me how to fix this split stitch?

My Valentine’s fantasy starts like this:

A handsome man (maybe a famous actor who knits) walks up to me and says, “Hey girl, I love it when you teach me knitting stitches. Show me more!”

Because I like to overwhelm people, and because I want to show him everything, we go to Interweave and download the Beginner Knitting Digital Kit and Continental Knitting—my two favorite resources for teaching knitting.

Cuddled up on the couch together, we explore all the delights of the Beginner Knitting Digital Kit. Getting Started: Basics and Beyond with Eunny Jang shows him what to do with his hands (knitting-wise. Focus, Deb, focus!), then we pick out the perfect first project from Hip to Knit: 18 Contemporary Projects for Today’s Knitter.

If we get stuck anywhere along the way, other resources in this kit provide answers. Its video downloads include 45+ Knitted Cast-Ons & Bind-Offs with Ann Budd and The Knitter’s Toolbox: Lily Chin’s Techniques and Tricks for Savvy Knitters. When we’re tired of watching the screen, we can read the two ebooks, Knit Fix: Problem Solving for Knitters and The Knitter’s Companion. I’ve had the last book for years, as a physical book, but this is the new and improved version: not only is it an ebook, it’s got video links to Vicki Square’s demonstrations.

Learn Continental knitting

Sit next to me and show me again how to knit the Continental way!

After we’ve puzzled through his first project, we’re ready for speed-knitting. True confession—because I never learned how to knit in the English method, I try to convert everybody to Continental style. So I’ll pull in an accomplice for my daydream; Biggan Ryd-Dups can show us how it’s done with her wonderful Continental Knitting video.

Finally, we’re ready for the crème de la crème of knitting. Stranded colorwork sends me over the moon, always. It’s the only type of knitting where I really want to design, because it’s so much fun. Fair Isle requires lots of fiddling with color up front, plus I’m on a mission to replace the boxy jumpers of old with more fitted garments.

Fair Isle Knitting Color Theory

Hey Girl, I love working together to come up with the perfect colors for our Fair Isle cardigan.

So now we work our way through the Master Class: Fair Isle Knitting Collection, a combination of video and two books. The video Stranded Colorwork Styles with Daniela Nii explores all the ways to handle multiple colors while knitting (again with the hands, Deb! Focus!). Then Mary Jane Mucklestone’s 200 Fair Isle Motifs: A Knitter’s Directory and Nancy Shroyer’s How to Select Color Palettes for Knitting and Other Fiber Arts, plus a color wheel, give us the ultimate tools for designing Fair Isle masterpieces.

Show your love: order one or more of these great downloads, snuggle up with your Valentine, and teach him or her to how to knit! (If only I could find a shop that sold and shipped Ryan Gosling!)

Happy knitting!

P.S. Hey, girl (or guy!), do you have a significant other who knits? Leave a comment below and tell us about it!

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