Here Comes KDTV!

This week I'm in Cleveland working on the next season of Knitting Daily TV. There is so much that goes into each season, so many people's hard work, so many moving parts. I've met amazing people and learned so many new yarn-y techniques. I even briefly flirted with crocheting after the last season…I made two potholders, which was more than I had crocheted in years! Here are some of photos from the last season of host Vickie Howell with fabulous designers, from left to right, Tanis Gray, Annie Modesitt, and Heather Zoppetti.

The set is really brightly colored, filled with fun art work and so much yarn. It's the kind of place I'd like to curl up in with a cup of tea and a good book…or some knitting! The crew are a fantastic group of people, knowledgeable, entertaining, and incredibly nice. They make everything work. And all of the guests are experts in their respective fields

Also, we took some time last season to teach a couple of the crew members to knit! We had the supplies, we had the teachers, we had the time, and they took to it remarkably quickly. You can see our break table, knitting and some comics, a most pleasant combination.

Putting each season together is a remarkable labor of love, and I am excited to have been and continue to be a part of it. The new season will air on PBS early next year, keep your eyes out for it…it's another good one!

Knit happy!

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