Here Come the Poetry Mittens!

Such a treat I have for you today… are you ready?

Last fall, we had a knitting poetry contest. It wasn't your average poetry contest, mind you, because where would the fun in average be? It was a poetry magnet contest, where we challenged you marvelously clever folks to take the words on the Interweave Press Magnetized Poetry Panel (we're sadly out of stock now, sorry!) and make some pretty poetry with them.

We announced the winner–Angela Lane of Vidalia, Georgia–and showed off her winning entry, which appears in the photo above.

There were second, third, and fourth place winning poems as well. See them here.

The prize? The prize was to have Angela's poem knitted into a poetry mitten. She gets the mittens (they're in the mail, Angela!) and the pattern would go into the Knitting Daily pattern store with nifty photos of her mittens and a full-color chart so you can make your very own versions of these cheerful knitting mittens.

Today, after weeks of getting the mittens ready, and getting the chart ready, the pattern is finally ready for you to purchase from our store: Angela's Poetry Mittens.



What's a poetry mitten?

In the January/February 2008 issue of PieceWork magazine, Veronica Patterson told us about a fascinating knitting tradition in early America: Women would choose a favorite poem, and knit the text into their mittens. There are several examples of these charming mittens in the Smithsonian, and so Veronica and Jane Fournier decided to knit up a modern version for the PieceWork audience. That mitten pattern made that issue one of our most popular back-issues ever.

That's when we decided to have the poetry contest, so we could have a pattern inspired by YOU.

Our newly updated pattern PDF contains the full instructions and charts for the 2008 PieceWork mittens, as well as an all-new chart for Anglea's winning poem-knit-into-mittens. We've also included Veronica's article on the history (and the mystery!) of poetry mittens, plus photos of everything because photos are the best part!


From Sandi's Bookshelf:
The Knitting Treasures in PieceWork magazine

See that? That's a photo of my actual bookshelf in my actual office. (I may have tidied it up a bit, removed the dirty coffee cups and peeled the kitten off the yarn ball, but that's all.) On the left is my collection of Interweave Knits magazines, and on the right, a thirteen-year set of my beloved PieceWork magazines.

And the more I wander through those lovely pages, the more knitting goodies I discover! Just to prove the point, I grabbed a random handful of issues and here's a few of the knitting patterns I found there: a lace sampler, a knitted Father Christmas doll (free pattern!), miniature stockings, vintage-inspired booties, Nordic flower sachets, and more–many of them inspired by historical or vintage patterns. The stories behind the patterns are there, too; illustrated with photos from museums all over the world.

As knitters, we are deeply connected not only to each other, but to those who have knitted in years gone by, often out of necessity, or to feed their families. Their stories are our stories; and now their knitting is our knitting too, in the pages of PieceWork magazine.

I know money is tight these days. But if you are considering treating yourself or someone you love with a magazine subscription, and you want something special, try PieceWork magazine. It's unlike any other magazine out there, and I think it's well worth every penny.

Click here to subscribe to PieceWork.


Sandi Wiseheart is the editor of Knitting Daily.

What's on Sandi's needles? I've been finishing up things this week–seaming sweaters that had long languished in my knitting closet, for one thing–and now I have to decide: do I start the Central Park Hoodie my sister asked for, work on baby gifts for all the new members of my family, or start another lace shawl that is a gift for (shhh) someone else? Choices, choices. 



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