Having fun Measuring Yourself, with Barry Klein

Barry Klein is the owner of Trendsetter Yarns, and he’s been one of the most popular guests on Knitting Daily TV for many years, many times partnering with Prism Yarns owner Laura Bryant.

We invited Barry here to talk about his time of Knitting Daily TV. Here he is!

My Knitting Daily TV Experience

Knitting Daily TV measuring yourself

Barry Klein with Shay Pendray (left) and Laura Bryant (middle

I have loved being a guest on Knitting Daily TV; I’ve appeared on about thirty-five to forty different episodes, and with each of them I’ve been able to share an idea, a creative thought, and hopefully my passion and my love of the yarns I work with and the things I’ve created.

The people who watch Knitting Daily TV are amazing. They know that they’ve seen me on TV, and they come up to me at shows, knitting events, and even on the street to talk about our shared love of everything yarn.

It has also been great to be teamed up with Shay Pendray, Eunny Jang, and now Vickie Howell. Each host has brought out something different in me, and each one has allowed me to show the things that bring excitement to my hands and to my brain. Knitting Daily is the best shared experience any knitter or crafter can have.

I’ve been told more than once that KDTV episode 703, where Laura Bryant and I went in-depth on body measurements, has been the most watched and DVRed episode. People have commented that they love the fact that we are honest about body style, body needs, and body appearance.

Nothing was held back, and we dealt with the good and the bad, giving permission to the viewers to make the necessary changes to patterns in order to actually make something that fit.

Indeed it works. I have hundreds of letters and emails saying that what they’ve made from our Knitting Daily TV shows make them happy and truly fit. A designers dream!

—Barry Klein, Trendsetter Yarns

Here are some links to some great downloads from Barry’s appearances on Knitting Daily TV.

Chart for measuring yourself

Maidenhair Fern Lace Wrap Free Pattern

Technicolor Jacket Free Pattern

Dutchess Seed Stitch Mountain Scarf

I hope you enjoy these free downloads and Barry’s appearances on KDTV. That measuring video is wonderful!


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