Happy New Year!


It's New Year's Eve, and I'm having a party tonight!

I'm already thinking about tomorrow, though—I can't believe it's going to be 2011. Why does the time seem to go faster as we get older? My (totally nonscientific) theory is that we have more to worry about and our minds are working faster to process everything, so it seems like time passes quicker.

With time going by so fast, I feel like I have to evaluate my knitting projects and get organized! This organization bug seems to hit me two or three times a year. I'm moving in the next couple of weeks, so it's the perfect opportunity to go through my stash and organize my projects.

I thought I'd do a list of knitting resolutions for this newsletter, but it occurred to me that I haven't checked in on last year's resolutions for several months! Let's do that now; here they are:

Learn the Norwegian cast-on. Done! I use this cast-on a lot now, it's a good staple and its stretchiness is perfect for hats and cuff-down socks.

Don't start any  new projects until my important UFOs are finished! Mission somewhat accomplished. I finished several UFOs, including several of my knit-along projects. (I'm almost always the last one done with my own knit-alongs, and I never did finish my Every Way Wrap!)

Do an entrelac project. Nope, not done. I'm leaving this on my list for this year.

Intarsia Beret from Inside Intarsia
Circles from Inca Knits
Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style

Practice my intarsia skills. This is partially done. I've practiced my skills, but I haven't done a real project yet so I'm going to bump this up to the top of my list. I love our Knitting Daily Workshop Inside Intarsia with Anne Berk (now available as a digital download!); I've had the Circles jacket (from Marianne Isager's book Inca Knits) on my list for over a year now, and Inside Intarsia inspired me to actually tackle this project. I have a couple of things to finish first, but I hope to get to this project by the fall. It'll be here sooner that I think!

So, here are my resolutions for 2011:

1. Knit an intarsia project; hopefully I've practiced enough to do Circles! But I think I'll start with Anne Berk's Intarsia Beret from Inside Intarsia, which I would love to make in brown, tan, and maybe a China blue.

2. Knit an entrelac project. I love Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style! It's also been on my to-do list, so I think it's about time to tackle it.

3. Finish at least one of my knit-alongs on time.
That's a big goal for me, but I know I can do it. (The next knit-along will be announced here on January 3.)

4. Organize my knitting needles and catalog them in one of those cool iPhone Apps.
I know I never need another pair of 9s, for instance, but can't seem to find any circular 4s. How can that be?

5. Take advantage of the aforementioned organizing bug!
I plan to go through my stash and put together my works-in-progress projects (WIPs) so they're easy to finish. I'm going to put them in Ziploc bags with the patterns and needles, and I'm also going to make a list of which needles are in which WIP and keep it with my needles, just so I don't buy needles I don't need. I'll also put upcoming projects in bags with their patterns. I like to do this because it helps me visualize my stash in terms of finished objects, not just as bins of yarn.

I think that's enough to keep me busy.

It's been a wonderful year for me and I hope you've had a good one too. At my party I'm going to raise a glass to you, my Knitting Daily friends; thanks for a great year of knitting, fun, and friendship.


P.S. Leave a comment and tell me what your new year's resolutions are!

Happy New Year!

We at Crochet me wish you a 2006 filled with even stitches, fabulous colours, pushing boundaries, and lots of yummy yarn.

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