Handy Shaping with Short Rows

We at Interweave love short rows, those handy “partial rows in the knitting that create curves, soft angles, and depth.” With them you can shape a garment or accessory and create modern, seamless knitwear. Author Jennifer Dassau dedicated an entire book to short rows called Knitting Short Rows in which she explores this versatile technique.

According to Jennifer,

Which short row method to use depends on many factors, including your yarn composition, stitch gauge, stitch pattern, whether the wrong side will be showing, and personal preference. If one method isn’t producing results you like for a particular project, then substitute another; you can employ different methods in different parts of your project, and even on different sides of the same short-row section.

Knitting Short Rows explores five different kinds of short rows:

1) The Wrap & Turn Method
2) The Yarnover Method
3) The German Method
4) The Japanese Method
5) The Twin-Stitch Method

Each of these sections delves deeply into the type of short row, explaining how to work on knit rows and purl rows, tacking on special considerations, and then presenting a few gorgeous garments featuring the previously-detailed short row technique. Following all that short row goodness is a section on substituting methods so you can alter garments to your tastes and personal style.

knitting short rows

The beautiful cover project, the Buttonside Sweater, features German short-rows to “shape the shoulders below the textured saddles, the curved hems, and the sleeve caps. The textured garter-stripe edging that borders the sides and hem is worked along with the body until the hem shaping, then applied seamlessly using additional short-rows to curve smoothly around the corners.” It is one of my favorite projects in the book with its modern design and unusual focal point. The question is not “will I make this sweater?” but rather “when will I make this sweater?”

Have you used short rows in your knitting? Let me know in the comments below!


Give Knitting Short Rows a Try!



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