Handmade Gift Ideas from DIY Holiday!

I hate to break it to you, but it's almost that time. Time to start calmly ticking items off your handmade gifts list… or to start panicking because you haven't started. I will let you guess into which category I fall.

That's right. The holiday season is nearly upon us, and with it comes pressure to come up with great gift ideas to make. To help inspire your holiday crafting sessions, we've collected some of our favorite projects to make into one amazing magazine—DIY Holiday.

25+ handmade gift ideas for the holidays


DIY Holiday contains projects from various corners of the crafting world into one package. If you've ever thought about sewing an apron as a gift, or recycling an old sweater into new mittens, we've got you covered. Want to jump into the world of jewelry making? We have easy beading projects. Or maybe you, like Louisa, have become enamored with weaving—it is a great way to use up that stash!

I'm kind of in love with the Resin Bangles by Heidi Boyd. I've got a ton of cheap plastic stitch markers that I could use in the resin (don't worry—I own a million stitch markers). And I'm tempted to see what snippets of yarn might look like, tossed into the resin mold. This is one of those instances in which I can't decide if this would be a gift for someone, or for me.

make your own resin bangles


If you'd like to stick to knitting gifts this season, home decor items make excellent gifts to knit. Our Deck the Halls bundle includes a copy of DIY Holiday and six easy knitting patterns to make great home decor projects to make for the holiday season. Those six extra patterns make fourteen different projects! You'll have plenty of Christmas gift ideas to make in this bundle. 

Download your DIY Holiday Bundle today and get your holiday crafting started!

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