Great Patterns for Sock Month

It’s pretty amazing just how different one pair of hand-knit socks can be from another. I’ve always knit the simplest sock possible–top down, cast on 64 sts with sock yarn on size 2s,  knit in ribbing for a few inches, and stockinette through the rest–always in only one color. I really need to start branching out when it comes to socks. There are some seriously beautiful patterns out there!

In the spirit of sock month, here are some of my favorite sock patterns from Interweave over the past few years.

valar socks

Valar Socks, Mone Dräger, Knitscene Spring 2015

daisy field socks

Daisy Field Socks, Maria Leigh, Sockupied Fall 2014

true north socks

True North DK Socks, Lucy Neatby, Sockupied Fall 2014

lobelia socks

Lobelia Socks, Betty Salpekar, Knits Summer 2014

west side socks

West Side Socks, Mary Lycan, Knitscene Accessories 2012

quirky socks

Quirky Socks, Mags Kandis, Knits Accessories 2011

Look at all of the lace, the colors, the cables! If you are interested in knitting socks in a pretty unusual way, check out those Lobelia Socks (as well as the Forester Socks from the same issue). They are knit with Betty Salpekar’s “Solefull” construction method, which starts at the sole and works its way out and up.

Another great thing about knitting socks–and there are SO many great things—is that they are a manageable way to try a new technique or stitch. Committing to a sweater when you’ve never tried allover cables, stranded colorwork, or complicated lace, is really intimidating! It’s great to try out new things on a smaller scale, and once you’ve mastered the technique by the end of your first sock, the second one is a breeze.

What are your favorite kinds of socks to knit?

Happy sock knitting,


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