Got a bit of Wanderlust?

Karite Hat by Svetlana Volkova

A note from Kathleen: Author and designer Tanis Gray is here today, to introduce her book, Wanderlust: 46 Modern Knits for Bohemian Style. Here she is!

Greetings, Wanderlust readers!

I’m thrilled to tell you about my new book, Wanderlust. With 46 projects to chose from (all in superwash yarn and not one of them for a baby!), this is a wonderful, well-rounded collection for your knitting library.

Putting a book together is always interesting. Each one carries its own personality, different designers (all in different locations!), yarn colors that make a cohesive whole, and patterns that run the gamut of both technique and versatility. I worked with some old favorites as well as many new-to-me designers for this collection, and I’m proud of what we did together.

All of the projects in this book are designed to be portable, to take with you while you quell that sense of wanderlust that lies deep within us all.

I have to talk a little about superwash yarn and my love for it. One of the biggest misconceptions about this yarn is that it’s only for baby knitting. While it’s true that I hadn’t had a lot of experience with superwash until my son came along, I found that the ease of which it cleans up, the bounce factor, and the sheer volume of great superwash yarn choices made me a convert. I knit all of my own sweaters in superwash yarn now!

Angela Hahn’s Motif Mittens

I adore the collection of patterns in this book. With men’s garments that guys will actually want to wear, cowls with all sorts of eclectic stitches and textures, women’s sweaters for every shape, mittens, wristers, scarves, hats, a throw and a few matching sets, I found myself putting “must knit” sticky notes on so many of the projects when I reviewed the finished book. Right now I have Svetlana Volkova’s faux-cabled Karite Hat on my needles and I can’t wait to get it on my head!

Up next I want to knit Nataliya Galifianakis’ Slip-Stitch Scarf, Debbie O’Neill’s Cabled Cowl, and Paulina Popiolek’s technique-packed Flurry Hat (ok, yes, I have a hat problem, but the first step is admitting you have a problem, right?).

I'm also looking forward to knitting Kelly Herdrich’s Coiled Cabled mittens and Angela Hahn’s Motif Mittens (note to self, you probably have a mitten problem, too). Paulina’s Blizzard Hat and Scarf Set was proclaimed by my mother as “something you should knit for me,” and I love love love both Isabell Kraemer’s Cowl-Neck Raglan and Dani Sunshine’s Blue Rock Top. 

Cowl-Neck Raglan by Isabell Kraemer

I can be found frequently at my LYS, teaching the advanced knitting classes. I’ve always loved teaching, especially knitting. Knitting is one of those crafts that has been passed down through so many generations, and it’s an honor to become part of that cycle, showing people what they want to learn and watching them have that light bulb moment when they suddenly GET IT.

For this book, I asked a lot of questions of my students, wondering what people were looking for in a knitting book and what kinds of projects they liked and didn’t like. I asked my knitting friends, asked random people in knitting shops, kept my eyes on the trends, and noted what people were knitting at Knit Night.

I think what makes this collection so spectacular is that it’s stuffed to the gills with variety. I hope that you, like me, have so many things you want to knit in this book that it’ll keep your needles busy for a long time, and that you'll reach again and again for superwash yarn. And I hope that you'll take these projects on many adventures!

Wanderlust is available for pre-order now, or get the digital version and cast on your favorite project tonight!

Happy wanderlusting!

Tanis Gray

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