Going back to Pemberley

Jane's Barathea Mitts by Angela Hahn

Jane Austen is one of my heroes. I was absolutely hooked by the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice—pre-DVR; I actually left work early to make sure I was home when it started, because I didn't know how to program my VCR! I hadn't read any Jane Austen before I saw Pride and Prejudice, but after it was over, I read everything she wrote!

I admit I even read the spin-offs by different authors. I know, sacrilege to some, but I love visiting Jane's characters again. I highly recommend Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James, which is premiering on PBS's Masterpiece Mystery on October 26. That's next Sunday, and I can't wait!

When I got my new issue of Jane Austen Knits, I decided I needed a KAL project to knit while watching Death Comes to Pemberley.

The program is airing over two Sundays, so I needed a small project that didn't take too much concentration, so not a sweater or a lace scarf.

I considered the beautiful mitts on the cover, Jane's Barathea Mitts, but I didn't think I could get them done in time. They are in the queue, though.

I was intrigued by Col. Fitwilliam's Huswife by Lisa Jacobs. What, pray tell, is a huswife?

Turns out a it's a very handy little sewing kit. Soldiers, such as Colonel Fitzwilliam, carried them and used the contents to mend their uniforms.

Col. Fitwilliam's Huswife by Lisa Jacobs. I just love the embroidery.
It looks so homey and work-a-day.

A simple pair of pockets were folded in half and tied together, holding needles, thread, and anything else a soldier might need to keep himself neat.

Interior of Col. Fitzwilliam's Huswife

Lisa Jocob's huswife is felted and, at 5" wide by 6½" long, it has room to carry carry modern-day knitting notions. Lisa used Fair Isle stripes that recall classic nineteenth-century textiles, when boiled (felted) wool was a common feature of soldier's uniforms.

Perfection. I was just going through my knitting stuff, getting ready for a knitting retreat this weekend, and I noticed that my stitch markers are out of control. They need a huswife!

So, I've found my project. I'm going to cheat and cast on while I'm at my retreat this weekend, and then really dig in on Sunday night while I'm watching Death Comes to Pemberley.

Get your copy of Jane Austen Knits Winter 2014 now so you can cast on while you watch Masterpiece Mystery!


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