Give Your Knitting Mojo a Boost

A couple of years ago my knitting group took a beginning crochet class. Some of us took to it more than others, but my friend Molly really got crochet fever and she's been interspersing knitting with crochet ever since. She told me once that when she loses her knitting mojo, she turns to crochet and vice versa. 

Here's a perfect example of a knit + crochet project, which Molly did for her daughter, Sylvie (at left). It's a simple, knitted raglan cardigan with granny squares along the bottom and  double crochet at the neckband, button band, and cuffs.

There's also a picot edging at the neckline—so cute on darling Sylvie! This wouldn't be half as cute if the crochet details weren't there, and I'm positive Sylvie wouldn't have liked it as well as she did! What little girl doesn't like a bit of variegated pink bling on her sweater?

Molly has a way with color combinations, and she put together the amazing granny square blanket shown at right. I remember when she was making this blanket and cursing all of the color changes, but look how pretty the result is!

Meet Kristin Omdahl

Kristin is the new crochet host on Knitting Daily TV (KDTV). She's been crocheting (and knitting) for about seven years; she wanted to make a pair of baby booties for her son, so she just up and taught herself to crochet! While doing so, she got yarn fever and taught herself to knit, too. Kristin thinks big. Her favorite projects to make are large, bed-size afghans and big, beautiful shawls! She's an accomplished designer with several patterns in our pattern store—her favorites are the Infinity Wrap and the Dots Blanket—and she's written a couple of books, too, including Wrapped in Crochet and the upcoming Crochet So Fine.

And Kristin's newest venture (besides running her first half-marathon last weekend!) is the latest in our DVD Workshops: Innovative Crochet: Motifs with Kristin Omdahl. (A motif is simply a complete pattern, such as a granny square, that can be connected to other motifs to make a project, such as Molly's blanket.)

Here's a clip from Kristin's segment on KDTV, Crochet Corner, where she demonstrates making a motif and then connecting several of the motifs together to make a beautiful afghan.

I recently had a chance to chat with Kristin about the Innovative Crochet workshop and crocheting in general. Here's what she had to say.

KC: How did you get "discovered" and invited onto KDTV?
KO: My first appearance on KDTV was a designer spotlight to talk about my first book, Wrapped In Crochet. My second segment was also a designer spotlight to talk about my next book, Crochet So Fine.

KC: What was it like to be a segment host on KDTV?
KO: Going to the studio to tape a whole season was a little different than an interview. I had to plan out the segments for Crochet Corner, have all my swatches and step-outs prepared ahead of time, and know what I was going to say, of course. I did all my homework, arrived on the set, had my makeup done professionally (FUN!) and went on set. The cameras were HUGE! It was intimidating, but really, really exciting. I took a couple of very deep breaths before we began. I loved every minute of it and can't wait to tape the next season.

KC: What goes into planning a DVD workshop? 
KO: Planning the DVD workshop was a little bit like planning a teaching workshop and a little bit like planning the Crochet Corner segments on KDTV. I had an outline of what each chapter should include, starting with introducing motifs. We start with the basics and add to them in the chapters to follow. I show how to make motifs, how to join them, how to use differently shaped motifs, and how to use motifs as design elements. My main purpose for creating a DVD workshop was to share my enthusiasm and knowledge of crochet, in the format of my teaching workshops, but offering the workshop (via DVD) in the comfort of any crocheter's home.

KC: What can we expect from Innovative Crochet: Motifs?
KO: I will walk you through a variety of crochet motifs, their various methods of construction, how to join motifs, how to add colorwork to your motif designs and how to use these motifs as edgings. Each lesson is explained with step-by-step instructions. I will show you how to crochet round, medallion, square and hexagon-shaped motifs. I will show you how to read crochet charts and their symbols. I will show you how to crochet in the round. And, I will expand motifs as design elements, and show you the garments full-size and reduced size to illustrate the unique construction. Plus, included with the purchase of this DVD is a link to a FREE crochet pattern for my Farrah Shawl design from Wrapped In Crochet.

KC: Are you a knitter, too?
KO: Yes. In fact, as we speak I am putting the finishing touches on my new knitting book, coming out Fall 2010 with Interweave Press. It is my collection of scarves, wraps and shawls that are inspired by crochet.

KC: If knitters are going to learn one crochet technique, what should it be?
KO: Edgings. I think crochet edgings are beautiful, and a great way to embellish a knitted garment quickly.

So knitters, I hope you'll take a chance on crochet, like Molly and Kristin (and I!) did, so you can discover how much it can add to your fiber experience.


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