Give the Gift of Knitting

There's something extra special about giving a knitted gift. A lot of thought goes into the process; choosing a color is probably my favorite part of gift knitting.

Knitted Gift ideas from Christmas Stockings:
7 Classic Holiday Treasures to Knit

For example, I know that my sister loves terra cotta and coral, and my mom loves straight up red. My sister-in-law likes red, too, plus deep purples and silvery grays. I think my brother's favorite color is the black and white skull Fair Isle pattern. Is that a color? And nephew Henry wants only gold and red—Gryphondor colors, naturally. My best girlfriend is a fan of blue, pink, and green variegated, which is lots of fun to shop for and knit with.

When it comes to choosing patterns for knitted gifts, there are many factors to consider. Does the recipient actually need something, like a hat, scarf, or mittens? Or are you looking for something more whimsical like a knitted sachet bag or a hot water bottle holder?

If your knitting time is limited, you can choose a single, quick-knit project and make it in various colors. I'm sure lots of people on your list would love a pair of fingerless mitts or a warm headband.

Whatever you choose to knit, you'll find lots of knitted gift ideas in the Knitting Daily Shop.


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