Getting to Know You: Knitting Daily Reader Survey

I admit it: I'm curious. Who are you, you loyal folks who read Knitting Daily and leave comments and download patterns and chat on the forums? I mean, there are an awful lot of you: the main forum page tells us that there are more than 212,000 people signed up here!  Two hundred and twelve thousand. That's about three sports stadiums' full, right?

That's a lot of knitters. Let's see. What if each of you had only five skeins of yarn in your stash? That would be over a million skeins of yarn between us (and I don't know about you, but I have just a couple more than five skeins around the house. Just sayin'.) If everyone has made at least six scarves, that's 1.2 million scarves we've created. Stitch markers? Two dozen each means more than FIVE MILLION stitch markers in our pockets, sofa cushions, and empty mint tins.

This is one heck of a knitting party, people.

However, this is one party where I forgot to have everyone wear name tags. You all know who I am, but I am a little lost when it comes time to talk about you, your family, and your knitting.

So how about this? The KD team has devised a little survey to help you tell us about you, your life, your interests, and your knitting. Would you mind filling it out for us? I'd really appreciate it if you would. Here it is: Knitting Daily Reader Survey.

And because I know your time is valuable, and that filling out surveys can be a pain, I've cooked up a thank-you present for you: When you are done filling out the survey, you will get a download link to a special free pattern as a little gift for your time and your energy. 

Hm. Wait a minute…what if you're a busy stay-at-home dad and the baby's crying and you don't have time to fill out the survey? Or a nurse at work taking care of sick folk? Or someone with an expensive Internet connection? Seems unfair to limit the free pattern only to those who are able to fill out the survey. Knitting is for everyone, right? Then so is this free pattern: Download the Bobble Scarf by Ann Budd.

However, if you have time: Please check out the survey and tell me about yourselves. It's a big party, true; but I never feel as though I am writing to all 212,000 at once, you see. When I write these little posts, I imagine that five of you have come to visit me, and I write just for you five. But imagination is a tricky thing: It needs seeds of truth to make it come fully alive. Tell me who you are, what your knitting is like, and what brought you to Knitting Daily in the first place–and that way I can imagine you much more clearly when I write to you.

Besides: Isn't the best part of a party the chance to get to know your friends better? Yup.

Many thanks,


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