Getting to Know a Familiar Face: Online Editor Kathleen Cubley

We see her all the time on Knitting Daily and in newsletters. She's a part of our day! But, who is this whiz-woman of yarn and design behind the knitted curtain? What makes this cheerleader of color and technique happy? 

Here's what she told me:

I live in Spokane, Washington where I was born. It is fun to be back in Spokane after being away for twenty years in Seattle. I'm part of a knitting group meets every Wednesday evening. You've seen this terrific group of knitter-friends model their projects in the Knitting Daily galleries. Thanks for modeling, girls!


I recently brought home a puppy named Daisy. She is half Cocker Spaniel and half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She's such a delight! Even her big sister Poppy, my six-year-old Cocker Spaniel, likes her.



A surprising fact: I was in a flash mob at the Sock Summit
in Portland, Oregon!

The Sock Summit flash mob!
I love camping and swimming; I try to get at least one good camping trip in each summer. Last year my friend Mimi and I discovered amazing Yellowstone National Park. Notice that our fingers haven't let go of our yarn and needles!

Cooking and gardening are activities that I enjoy very much. I recently made a flank steak rub that is really delicious! Click on the link and give it a go!

 Job Q&A:

1. When did you start this role as online editor? What drew you to it?
June 2009. With my past in publishing and passion for knitting, it seemed like the perfect job! (And it is.)

2. What did you do for work before this job?
I was the Director of Editorial and Production at The Mountaineers Books in Seattle, Washington.

3. What duties do you have as an online editor of a knitting community?

I write several blogs a week, develop our free eBooks, administer and take part in knit-alongs, and so much more!

4. What is the best part of your job at Interweave?
Getting to work with the wonderful people and spending a good portion of my day thinking about yarn, needles, and knitting patterns. I love to see unique garments that are designed in an unusual way. The Dahlia Cardigan by Heather Zoppetti, for instance—that lace knitting pattern on the back panel is spectacular! The pattern is in the Interweave Knits Fall 2011 issue and was also profiled by Eunny Jang on Knitting Daily.



The Dahlia Cardigan Back Detail

5. Any new knitting techniques that you want to explore?
Entrelac knitting. It's been on my list forever and I need to tackle it!

Me, too, Kathleen! I think I'll check out Interweave's eMag EntreKnits.

My next blog will be all about Larissa Gibson, Interweave Knits assistant editor.

Take care till next time,



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