Getting organized

I promised to share behind-the-scenes information with you in my blog posts here at Inside Knits. Often I provide a backstage look at the photo shoots but, there is a lot more that happens here at the Knits offices than photography. The photo shoots are pretty interesting however, and do make good blog posts, so expect more of those in the future, but today I turn to the more mundane.

It's a little difficult for me to decide what to write about. Much of what goes on around here is typical workday stuff and it would never occur to me to write about it. What I tend to forget is that for those who don't work around here, typical workday stuff might be fascinating. My fear, though, is that I will write about it and you will yawn, ho-hum. Anyway, here is a little of what consumes my days. Perhaps not a riveting read, I hope that this strikes a familiar chord and you can share in a little piece of my days here at Interweave.

This is the view from my chair and what I see as I sit here and write this post.  What may escape you at first glance is the rather large expanse of empty tabletop and rather full recycle bin. I have been on a mission and that mission is to get organized and STAY organized. I've had about a week with a cleaner workspace and I must say it has made a world of difference. I feel less overwhelmed and better able to get a handle on my day and tick through my to-do list. (That is another effort, to actually keep a detailed to-do list and work from it. I've always had a list, but I often let things sneak into my workday without appearing on the list first. This often leads to the frustrated feeling of never getting anything done.)


Another view of my newly cleaner workspace with handy beverage at the ready. Yes, that is a ball of yarn, and knitting project in the background. I am reformed, but I doubt I'll ever be fully cured and really don't want to be. I think I will always let knitting "clutter" my day. Some of you may be disappointed, having seen earlier pictures of my office with buckets and bins with yarns tumbling out. How could I part with those? Well, I haven't! They are just strategically placed elsewhere, where I don't have to step over them every time I walk to my desk.

So what do I do in my new workspace? Well so far, not much. I just returned from three days off. But I am renewed, recharged and ready to put my new system to the test.


We just got Interweave Knits Fall 2011 out the door and into your hands. I love this issue for all kinds of reasons.  But what struck me most is that after working on it for months and reading every word, several times over, I still took it on vacation with me. I'm starting a new pair of socks and I wanted to look back at the Hex Mesh Stockings as inspiration.

I love making socks and these are both elegant and fun. I'm going to try my own version of lace stockings and that is the project you see in the background in the picture above. If I get further than the toe, which I've already ripped out once, I'll give you an update on my progress.

In other news. The design of our new issue knit.wear is coming together and we will start to lay that out and begin proofreading shortly. Look for that in about 2 months. Projects for Winter are being worked on and they have started to trickle into the office. Spring is about to step up and take some more of our attention. And Summer, (yes, Summer 2012!), the call for submissions went out this week; if you have an idea, please check our contributor guidelines and submission call and send it in.

Check in with me next month and see whether I am still on top of my mess or if it is just now laying in wait, ready to ambush me. This feels rather like a new diet or a New Year's resolution and we all know how those tend to go. I'm feeling pretty good right now, so wish me well and if I'm still on course next month we can talk about how I want to take up yoga.




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