Free Men’s Sweater Patterns You’ll Love Knitting!

Grab your FREE copy of these 4 men's sweater patterns.When it comes to men’s sweater patterns, people can be hard to please. I scoured Interweave’s men’s sweater patterns, and I think I’ve found four designs that any man could love.

If you love men’s sweater patterns, you’ll love this free collection of patterns. We begin with an easy raglan sweater pattern featuring just the right balance of stripes and colour. It might look complicated, but you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to knit. As it turns out cables can make up a manly sweater, just see how great the lattice work looks in Terry’s pullover. Our cable knit sweater pattern is a bit more advanced, but the flowing cables really make this design worth it. We round out this collection with a sweater that’s worked from cuff to cuff, and is sure to become a go-to. You can get them all in our free men’s knitting patterns download, check it out and grab your copy today!

They’re all collected in our eBook, Men’s Knitting Patterns: 4 Free Men’s Sweater Patterns.


Sneak-Peek at the Free Men’s Sweater Patterns You’ll Find:

Surf Stripe Raglan

If you're looking for easy raglan men's sweater pattern that he'll actually wear, be sure you check out this design included in this FREE ebook of 4 free men's sweater patterns.
By Christine Lorin
If you’re looking for easy raglan sweater pattern, be sure you check out this design. Worked in the round from the bottom up, this sweater takes its appeal from a neutral set of colours. This pattern will make anyone love making crocheted sweaters for men!

Terry’s Pullover

Learn how to knit this men's sweater pattern that involves lattice cables framing a V-neck.
By Carol Feller
This men’s cable knit sweater by Carol Feller features lattice cables framing a V-neck. A gentle shawl collar and ribbed sleeve detail create masculine elegance, and a rustic but easy-care yarn, seamless knitting, and interesting charts make the perfect men’s sweater pattern—great for wearer and knitter!

Rhapsody in Tweed

Learn how to knit this men's cable knit sweater part of this FREE eBook that includes 4 free men's sweater patterns.
By Kathy Zimmerman
In this cabled delight, Kathy Zimmerman has combined wide and narrow open cables with mini-cable ribs, playing them in a rhythmic pattern against a reverse stockinette-stitch background. Any guy will love this Aran sweater pattern!

Woven Bands Pullover

Free men sweater patterns.
By Hana Jason
Hana Jason’s knit pullover pattern is a sure winner. It’s worked sideways in one piece from cuff to cuff. Linen stitch adds a simple, straightforward embellishment to collar, cuffs, and yoke. This classy sweater pattern for men is a clear winner.

You are not only going to love the finished sweaters, but you’re sure to enjoy working on each of these interesting patterns for men. If you’re a cable fan we have a cable knit sweater men will love, with a lattice cable pattern just on the shawl collar. Can’t get enough men’s Aran knitting patterns? The cabled sweater we included might just become a new favorite. If you love knitting stripes, we’ve got you covered there, too with the knitted pullover pattern. No matter what stitch patterns you enjoy knitting, our free eBook of men’s sweater patterns has an option for you!


A nice collection of sweater patterns for men, don’t you agree? Knit your man one of the sweaters in Men’s Knitting Patterns: 4 Free Men’s Sweater Patterns—I think he’ll love it.




  1. Valerie R at 12:51 pm March 19, 2017

    I have tried several times to download this book, but it keeps sending me to a home page, & when I click on the 4 free men’s sweater patterns ebook from the home page, it asks me for an email address to sign up. If I enter my email address again, it takes me back to the home page. How can I get this ebook downloaded? Thank you!

    • Tiffany Warble at 10:28 am March 27, 2017

      The one taking you to the home page unfortunately, isn’t the right form to get the free download (I am working on fixing this all because it’s rather confusing). I will make it easy and send you the link directly. Look for an email from me shortly!

      Interweave Team

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