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Sometimes an easy knitting pattern is just the right thing. I like to have something simple that I can carry with me to knit wherever I happen to be; something that doesn’t take very much (or any) concentration. The perfect easy knit is one that I can knit while chatting, watching a movie, or listening to a concert.

The Big Button Wrap by Vanna White

A few years ago, the owner of my local knit shop went to a conference and saw a simple knitted rectangle that a designer wore as a shawl, closed with a lovely shawl pin. It really showed off the pin beautifully. My friend came home and quickly knitted up her version, a soft pink garter-stitch rectangle knit at a smallish gauge.

I’ve never forgotten this simple way to show off a shawl pin or special button. It’s easy and showy at the same time.

On episode 702 of Knitting Daily TV, now showing on, celebrity knitter Vanna White demonstrated her own spin on this pattern, which is accented by two large buttons that are situated so that the shawl can be worn loose around the shoulders or closer to the neck.

Vanna’s wrap is made from chunky-weight, self-striping yarn, but you could make it out of any gauge yarn. Just make a gauge swatch out of your chosen yarn and knit it in your chosen stitch pattern. Take your stitch-per-inch measurement and multiply it by the number of stitches that you want your finished wrap to be. That’ll give you the number of stitches to cast on. Here’s the formula:

Stitches per inch X number of inches wanted in finished wrap = number of stitches to cast on.

So, if your swatch tells you that you have 5 stitches per inch, and you want your wrap to be 18 inches wide, you’ll cast on 90 stitches.

No problem!

And guess what? The Big Button Wrap is a free pattern! Be sure and subscribe to, and watch KDTV episode 702 to get more knitting tips and tricks from Vanna and Eunny Jang.


P.S. What’s your simple, go-to pattern? Leave a comment and let us know!

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