Knitting Needles: Ultimate, FREE Guide to Choosing the Right Needles

This is the ultimate, FREE guide to everything knitting needles.There are so many tools that we knitters need, but there are two that we really need: Yarn and needles. We all know how many yarn choices are out there, but what about knitting needles?

When a project and knitter find the perfect knitting needles, the stitches slip by effortlessly. Easier said than done, right? The choices are amazing. Did you know that there are certain types of needles that work better for certain types of yarn? And there are also needles that work better for different types of knitting. Pointy needles for lace knitting, for example. One thing I know is that when a project and knitter find their perfect needle match, stitches slip by effortlessly.

Whether it’s hardwood or bamboo, plastic or metal, straight or circular, fixed or interchangeable knitting needles, the perfect pair are out there just waiting for you.

You know that somewhere on that wall of needles there’s the perfect set for you, but how to begin finding them? If you’ve been on this quest then we’ve got great news for you. This free eBook, Free Guide to Knitting Needles Plus Bonus Knitting Needle Conversion Chart, is dedicated to helping you finding the best knitting needles. We’ve done all the testing so you won’t have to try every single one to find the perfect match.

This knitting guide walks through the main material types you’ll find, including plastic, metal, and wood knitting needles. Then we let you know their feel in your hands along with weight, durability and use. Next we discuss differences between interchangeable needle sets, before touching on double-pointed vs. circular needles. Then visually we’ve thrown all this information onto one easy chart. But that’s not all! As a bonus, you’ll find a knitting needle conversion chart and one on sizes too. Plus throughout the guide you’ll find specific recommendations to help guide you in the right direction every step of the way. Don’t delay, grab your free guide to knitting needles today!



We’ve also provided a handy sizing conversion guide. If you have a needle that’s labelled with millimeters only, you can use the chart to see what the millimeter measurement is in US needle measurements, or UK/Canadian measurements, or Japanese measurements.

What’s Inside This Ultimate Guide to Knitting Needles?

Knitting Needle Materials

Learn about the different types of knitting needle materials, such as wood, metal, and more, in this free guide on knitting needles.
Most knitting needles are made from some variety of wood, metal, or plastic. Which material you prefer will depend on how you knit. This section begins with the qualities of wood knitting needles from how they feel in hand, and best uses. We then take you through the same pros and cons for both metal knitting needles and plastic knitting needles. We finish this section by combining all this information and adding personality profiles so you can pick the best knitting needles for you!

Interchangeable Needles

Take a look at these interchangeable knitting needle kits to find the perfect on for you in this FREE guide on knitting needles.
Next we took a look at the plethora of interchangeable sets available. Since every interchangeable set has a more noticeable join than its fixed-length circular needle equivalent, our goal is to help you pick the join style that works best with your knitting style.

Other Considerations: Knitting Needle Sizes, Etc.

Learn about the variety of knitting needles including knitting needle sizes, tips and knitting needle shapes in this free guide.
In this next section we get into the nitty gritty including knitting needle sizes, tips, and shapes. Learn about the situations where you might look for a sharp knitting needle and ones where you should go with blunt needle tips. Then, break down needle style with information on single-pointed vs. double-pointed needles, needle length, and even circular knitting needles.

Guides to the Types of Needles

This is the best knitting needle conversion chart you'll find and it's included in our FREE guide on everything knitting needles.
All this information leads to a one-page knitting guide to all the types of needles. This incredible resource provides you with brand, make, material, available as, and important notes, all together in one resource. We’ve followed this with another chart of knitting needle sizes. This knitting needle size chart lays out the metric, US, UK/Canadian, and even Japanese knitting needles sizes. You’ll definitely want to print these pages out to keep handy!

When it comes to needles, the selection available today is almost as diverse as the knitters using them. But now, finding the best knitting needles for your needs and style of knitting no longer is an impossible feat! Interweave’s knitting experts teamed up with Interweave Knits to bring you this comprehensive guide to help you find needles without buying every pair and trying them out. Print out the handy chart for a visual guide to all types of knitting needles and don’t forget the useful chart on knitting needles sizes, too!

Download your Free Guide to Knitting Needles Plus Bonus Knitting Needle Conversion Chart now and let us help you create a seamless transition between your hands and your project?




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