Get into sock knitting!

Sock-AnatomySock knitting is so popular. Sock knitters love the portability of their projects; all you need is the ball of yarn, your needles, the pattern, and a few small notions, and you’re set. I keep a sock project in my purse at all times, just in case I get stuck somewhere.

I remember when I first learned to knit socks. I took a class at my local yarn shop, and I remember being SO EXCITED when I got the first sock done. I realized that sock knitting wasn’t hard at all. Like everything in knitting, it helps to be mentored when you’re beginning a new knitting method or type of project.

That’s our goal at Craft University, to mentor you as you learn new knitting techniques, and we’ve got sock knitting expert Kate Atherley on board to teach Knitting Socks for Beginners.

You’ll learn the entire process, from soup to nuts.

Kate starts with the anatomy of a stock, which is important to understand when you’re knitting socks. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • All about sock knitting supplies
  • Working in the round
  • How to knit the cuff and leg
  • How to knit the heel
  • How to knit the gusset
  • How to knit the toe
  • Tips and tricks for better sock knitting

Kate uses a little bitty practice sock (baby size) as the teaching tool, so you’ll easily make your way through the entire lesson.

measuring-your-foot-for-sizAlthough knitting socks may seem complex, it’s really not. Once you’ve worked one or two socks, you’ll see that socks are always worked in the same basic way; pattern details may vary, but the process is essentially the same.

Knitting socks is addictive, let me warn you now. There are beautiful sock yarns on the market that feeds this addiction, from luxurious silk and cashmere blends to beautiful hand-dyed variegated yarns to clever self-striping varieties, the choices are endless!

I know several sock knitters who don’t own any store-bought socks. They’ve knit enough pairs of socks to fill at least one sock drawer! It’s understandable; handknit socks are custom knit for your feet, they’re the exact color you want, and you can use whatever stitch pattern you want to.

It’s time for you to learn to knit socks, so sign up for Kate’s class, Sock Knitting for Beginners, today!

Class starts on October 15, so you have plenty of time to get your materials together.


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