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I’m so excited that the new series of Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell is here. It’s brand new, and I had a chance to see the first episode—wonderful! Here’s Karin Strom, editorial director of the show, to introduce the season.

Vickie Howell on the set of Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell

Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell Is Back!

Shooting (the now Telly-award-winning show—yay!) Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell is a lot of fun! We “film” it (everything is digital now, so there is no actual film—I guess that dates me) in a TV studio in Ohio.

This series was shot during a wintery week in February, and every morning we woke up to a coating of fresh snow outside the hotel. Once we got to the studio, though, we completely forgot about the weather. So many interesting guests were in and out of the green room. It was great to get to know some of my favorite designers better—Gwen Bortner, Myra Wood, weaver Stephanie Flynn Sokolov; and visit with old friends—Lily Chin, Cathy Carron, Tanis Gray.

Each episode has a theme, and Vickie visits with guests who are known for the technique or trend featured in that day’s theme. For example, the Literary Knits episode features guests whose designs are inspired by books or literary characters. Joanna Johnson, author of Green Gables Knits, talks about the influence Anne of Green Gables has had on her life, and her knitting. And Annie Modesitt demonstrates a pattern from the magazine Jane Austin Knits.

One of my favorite episodes from this new season is Nature-Inspired Knits.

Designer Anne Hanson talks about natural wool and its rich palette, discusses single breed yarns, stitches that bring out the best of yarn’s natural texture, and features a super cute Slouch Hat pattern so viewers can practice at home. Host Vickie Howell visits the UK virtually via Google hangouts to chat with Mollie Makes editor Lara Watson about the crafty trend of woodland creatures. Next, designer Heather Zoppetti shows how natural motifs like leaves can be captured in lace, and demonstrates a vine-inspired stitch pattern featured in the popular and beautiful Clematis Tunic, from Interweave Knits.

In other episodes, Vickie talks masculine fashion with talented menswear designer Josh Bennett, and feminine embellishments with Fiber Factor winner Lauren Riker; Knitscene editor Amy Palmer teaches viewers how to double-knit; dye-expert Laura Bryant explains how to work with color repeats when working with space-dyed yarns.

Vickie Howell and “Tools of The Trade” segment host Tanis Gray, checking out some candid shots between takes

Throughout this upcoming season, Vickie works with eighteen different in-studio guests on knitting and crochet techniques, as traditional as Fair Isle and as trendy as giant lace.

She also takes viewers into the studios of knitting and crochet experts from all over the world, including India (Priya Shashank of Knitters’ Pride needle company), Amsterdam (brioche stitch expert Nancy Marchant), and the UK (sock designer Rachel Coopey). Of course, as always, the season will also be filled with loads of beautiful patterns, expert tutorials, quick tips and tricks, gorgeous yarns, and cool tools to knit and crochet with.

Make sure to check out, follow @KnittingDaily on Twitter, and Knitting Daily on Pinterest for easy access to projects from the show. Enjoy!

—Karin Strom, Editorial Director, Yarn Group

Check your local PBS station’s schedule to see when Knitting Daily TV is shown in your area, or, if you’re like me and you can’t wait, get the complete season right now (DVDs or download).

Then hunker down in your most comfortable chair, grab your knitting, and binge-watch the entire season!


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