Get 7 Free Knitted Infinity Scarf Patterns!

Free infinity scarf patterns you have to try.Infinity scarves are so popular! And rightly so — they’re versatile, stylish and there are so many beautiful infinity scarf patterns out there to knit.


Infinity scarves are simply scarves knitted in the round (or back and forth and then seamed), so that they have no beginning or ending. They can be worn long and loose or wrapped around the neck to form a cowl, which is why many knit infinity scarf patterns have the word cowl in their name.

Scarves are a knitter’s favorite. Most of our first projects were scarves, and we continue to knit them, regardless of how many other patterns we’ve undertaken. There’s one type of scarf that have become popular to knit lately: infinity scarves. They are circular scarves; they have no end or beginning but rather make a loop. Let your infinity scarf hang long and loose, or wrap it around your neck a couple of times to make a cozy cowl.

I gathered seven of them for you in our new free eBook, Exploring the Infinity Scarf Pattern: 7 Free Designs for Knitting Infinity Scarves.

Sneak-Peek at the Infinity Scarf Patterns You’ll Knit:

Ribbed Infinity Scarf Pattern

Two Ribs Infinity Scarf Pattern found in our FREE eBook that contains 7 infinity scarf patterns.
The Two Ribs Infinity Scarf by Susan Pierce Lawrence is a combination of fisherman’s rib and welting. The mix of stitches makes for wonderful textural contrast in this infinity scarf knitting pattern. It’s also completely reversible and can be worn wrapped multiple times, as shown here, or as a long loop.

Hexagon Infinity Scarf Pattern

Free infinity scarf knitting patterns: Hexagon Infinity.
The Sweet Hexagon Cowl by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark was inspired by Mercedes’s love of paper-pieced hexagons. It’s constructed of interlocking hexagon pieces that are knitted in the round, giving the finished design a honeycomb appearance. The colors contrast just enough to really show off the modular knitting style, too. Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark is a knitwear designer, writer and teacher known for her feminine, eye-catching designs. She has a long list of accomplishments, including designing for yarn companies, writing books, making instructional DVDs and contributing to knitting magazines.

Möbius Infinity Scarf Knitting Pattern

Free infinity scarf knitting pattern: Mobius.
In Daniel Yuhas’s Mistake Stitch Möbius, a chunky gauge shows off the intricate structure of simple knitted and purled stitches. With a quick half-twist and an invisible graft, this scarf becomes a mathematical curiosity turned knitted accessory. This is a wonderfully fun-to-knit chunky infinity scarf pattern. Daniel Yuhas first learned to knit during a long autumn break during college. From there, he immersed himself in the world of knitting and hasn’t looked back since. “I’m fascinated by natural forms, from the tricky spiral patterns of flowers, pinecones and galaxies to the life-forms that walk, wriggle and swim around us. It never ceases to amaze me how string, two sticks and two simple stitches can be combined in such an astonishing number of ways.”

Lace Infinity Scarf Pattern

Maryse cowl infinity scarf knitting pattern.
The Maryse Cowl by Amy Christoffers is knit in an easy, reversible lace pattern that you’ll be able to memorize quickly. Use a bright color to liven up the winter blahs, and super soft yarn to really make it feel wonderful to wear.

Easy Infinity Scarf Knitting Pattern

Easy infinity scarf knitting pattern.
Kathleen Cubley’s Welted Infinity Scarf is quick and easy, and knit entirely in a welted stitch pattern. Welting is simply rows of stockinette followed by rows of reverse stockinette. The technique brings the stockinette rows to the front and pushes the reverse stockinette to the back, creating the welted effect. Knit from a super bulky yarn, you can make this scarf in a weekend! This is a great pattern for learning how to knit an infinity scarf.

Möbius Infinity Scarf Pattern

Free infinity scarf knitting pattern: Roam Cowl
Jennifer Dassau’s Roam Cowl starts with an innovative Möbius cast-on. The lace pattern is called a Roman Stripe, which results in a pretty mesh pattern. A subtly variegated yarn really shows off the stitch pattern and the Möbius construction. Jennifer Dassau has a law degree and enjoys combining her technical and creative passions to design knitwear. Her signature style is simple garments infused with an intriguing detail or interesting construction.

Chunky Infinity Scarf Pattern

Free infinity scarf knitting pattern: Destiny Cowl.
Ruched sections create a three-dimensional effect between ribbed bands in the Destiny Cowl by Denise Twum. This large, chunky pattern is fun to knit and to wear. Denise Twum is a talented knitwear designer who picked up her first pair of knitting needles while in college. Since then, she has let her creative juices flow to create many patterns. Her approach to knitting is simple, “Usually I bust out my needles and start knitting anything, with a vaguely formed idea of what I want to knit. I often undo my work a number of times before I find a design I like. Once that design makes me happy, I try to knit it in multiple color combinations to see how it looks.”

Discover how much fun infinity scarf pattern knitting can be. The best part about infinity scarves is you can decide how long you want them to be. Make it long enough to wrap around several times or just long enough for a double wrap, it’s up to you.

This eBook of seven free infinity scarf patterns is perfect for any knitter, from beginner to advanced. Inside you’ll find instructions to help you learn how to knit an infinity scarf exactly the way you imagine it to be, plus a range of patterns to choose from. Download all seven knitting infinity scarf patterns designs and be inspired today!

Download Exploring the Infinity Scarf Pattern: 7 Free Designs for Knitting Infinity Scarves today and get started!

I hope you have a great time with these knitted infinity scarf patterns. Which one will you knit first?



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