Gearing Up For KDTV

This week I shipped a large box to Cleveland for next week’s filming of Knitting Daily TV. When I say large, I mean that I could have shipped myself to Ohio in this box, easily, with snacks (think of those immense boxes Calvin and Hobbes always had for their adventures). A picture should have been taken, but I was too eager to get it all packed and ship it out. There were sweaters and scarves and afghans and skeins of yarn and books and a mannequin foot form, good stuff galore!

Before I had this job, I had never seen Knitting Daily TV. It wasn’t on my local PBS station, and I didn’t know that I was missing. I’ve been watching back episodes to get a sense of what the show is about and how it works. One of my favorite episodes so far is “Episode 401 – Fearless Knitting and Crocheting.” Even before I’d seen the episode, I knew I would like it from the title. Fearlessly approaching a project is the best way to go about it, no matter how daunting it might be. I’m about to cast on a sweater that has cables, and pockets, and a hood. This is terrifyingly complex to me, but I’m adjusting my attitude to look at it as a fun challenge rather than a frustrating fight. This adventure of a project is coming with me to Ohio.

I’ve bookmarked “Episode 712: Going Seamless” to watch when I get back. I have never steeked a sweater before because again, this sounds terrifying. I just knit this and now I’m supposed to cut it? On purpose?! I have always been intimidated by steeking, but I think watching someone else do it first will make it a lot less scary. There are several steeked sweaters that I want to make, and I think this episode along with Amy’s previous blog post about steeking will spur me to action!

It’s been fun watching past TV episodes, I’ve been learning a lot and it’s getting me excited for my trip. Because this is my first KDTV taping, I have a lot to remember. There are so many names and faces and companies and yarns and how they all relate to one another is really intricate and involved. I’m going to learn a lot though, and I know that I will come back with lists of techniques I want to learn, yarns I want to use and patterns I want to make. And of course my immense me-sized box will make the return trip too.

Follow up to come soon!

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