Garter Stitch for the Win with the Beacon Knit Shawl Kit

This summer I realized that shawl knitting is my jam. Shawls are on the smaller side and therefore are easy projects to carry around, they are a lovely way to add a splash of color and texture to an outfit, and they make great gifts (not like the time investment needed for a whole sweater!). I’ve knit lace shawls in the past and enjoyed them. But this summer I discovered garter stitch shawls and immediately knew that they were destined to be my favorites.

I’ve always gotten carsick really easily and so haven’t done much in the way of reading or knitting while in motion. As a person who really likes road trips and weekend getaways, this has been incredibly inconvenient. All that time in the car! When I could be creating something! Not fair! But garter stitch patterns don’t require too much pattern reading and come together without having to pay too much attention. This summer I spent a lot of time knitting on the road, finishing two shawls over camping trips. I had thought that I didn’t like knitting in the car or al fresco, but I think that’s because I hadn’t found the right patterns for these situations.

One of the shawls I made this summer is Megi Burcl’s Beacon Shawl from Knitscene Accessories 2015.  The main body of this knit shawl is a solid color while the border is made from a set of six mini-skeins, each a slightly different shade of the same color. The yarns are from Pigeonroof Studios, makers of beautiful yarns in vibrant colors. I made mine in aquatic and mustard seed, and the latter set matches my favorite corduroys!

Beacon Knit Shawl Kit

I think you’re a winner when your yarn matches your pants.

The main color, aquatic, is a gorgeous blue green that really does look like the color of a calm, tropical sea. The two color families work together in perfect harmony. The fact that the shawl is all over garter stitch means that the nuances of the yarn colors take center stage. These hand dyed yarns are meant to be shown off. Look at those colors! They’re bold and bright and infinitely inviting, and this shawl displays them with impeccable flourish and style.

Beacon Knit Shawl Kit

This is the shawl I knit, worn by one of our talented Knitscene models.

We put together a kit in this colorway, available for a limited time. As I’ve said, the garter stitch moves really quickly, and the shawl’s overall construction is really fun. Knit in sections, it comes together in a unique and interesting way:

Beacon Knit Shawl

The sectional approach to knitting this shawl is seriously clever.

I think that most of my road tripping for this year is probably behind me, but we’re coming up on that holiday travel time. Whether you’re tackling planes, trains, or automobiles, shawls are ideal projects, and I highly suggest taking on a garter stitch beauty. It’s highly satisfying knitting that even this card-carrying-carsickness-club member can tackle and enjoy!

Knit happy,


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