Hard Choices: Which Gansey Style Accessories Kit Will You Knit?

There’s nothing harder in life than making decisions: digital or print, walking or driving, chocolate or vanilla (well, let’s be honest: the right and only answer is always chocolate). Our days are inundated with decision making, and our knitting is no exception.

While there are some stalwart knitters who always have their queues perfectly aligned, I, unfortunately, fall into the self-declared category of “knit-flopper.” I’m constantly wavering between projects, and if I’m truly coming clean, I probably spend more time adding to my queue than actually knitting and finishing projects.

Previously, being so indecisive about my knitting was largely only a problem for me and my growing yarn stash (and my poor husband who lives with said stash). It wasn’t until I was asked to knit one of the kits being offered for Beth Brown-Reinsel’s Gansey Style Accessories that my secret, shameful life of being a knit-flopper caught up to me.

The lovely Filey Scarf and timeless Scottish Flags Hat from Beth Brown-Reinsel’s Gansey Style Accessories are now available as kits!

As it turns out, both kits, the Filey Scarf and the Scottish Flags Hat, call for the same yarn in the same quantity, a fact that—despite having held both projects in my hands—I had overlooked. So when two lovely skeins of Cascade Yarns Cascade 220 in Porcelain Blue hit my desk, I was faced with a dreaded decision: Which of the gansey accessories kit do I knit?!

Just look at this lovely yarn! This colorway makes me want to escape to the English seaside. Photo by me.

I decided there’s only one thing to do when facing a tough choice: channel my inner Leslie Knope and make a pro and con list for each kit.

Hmm . . . this may be harder than I thought. Background image courtesy of pixabay and markusspiske.

It’s hard to decide which kit to knit when I know that both the Scottish Flags Hat and the Filey Scarf are beautiful. No matter which one I choose, my inner knit-flopper can rest easy knowing I get the entire Gansey Style Accessories eBook with either kit. I can always knit the other pattern later!

Which Gansey Style Accessories kit would you choose to knit? Let me know in the comments, and stay tuned to see which one I decide on!

Happy knitting!

Images © F+W Media, Inc. by David Baum.

Don’t be a knit-flopper. Choose your favorite kit from Gansey Style Accessories today!

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  1. Anonymous at 2:27 am September 11, 2018

    Definitely the scarf! It’s freezing where I work. Hats inside are frowned upon.

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