Gansey Socks, As Seen On Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell

Designer: Kate Atherley

“This sock design takes a number of key gansey design elements. The patterning is often confined to the yoke area: to conserve yarn, to improve the fit, to make it a bit warmer, and to make future patching as simple as possible. Plain fabric uses less yarn than patterned areas, of course. The patterning improves the fit of the sweater in the yoke area by tightening up the fabric and making it a bit denser , warmer and harder-wearing. And future patching in key areas of wear – the lower parts of the body and the sleeves – is easy because they’re worked plain which makes them easy to darn or reknit. And since these sweaters are designed to last, you can also make alterations – lengthening the sleeves for another wearer, for example, by unravelling and just knitting a bit further. And so with the sock, I’ve left plain the areas that are likely to wear out – the toe and lower part of heel. I have left the patterning on the back of the heel so that it will wear a bit better; pattern stitches are as good as heel stitch in this context. And I’ve the pattern stitches on the leg keep it nice and snug so it stays up.”

Featured on Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell Episode 1205 – What a Heel.

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